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NBMiner 12.0 – The New Name of the NebuTech BTMiner for Bytom (BTM) Mining

After a while with no updates the NebuTech BTMiner is back with a new name, a lot of changes and new functionality under the name NBMiner. The miner is still intended for mining Bytom (BTM) on Nvidia GPUs and the… Continue Reading →

Japanese Bitcoin Exchange Coincheck that Lost $500M to Receive Full Licensing By End of Year

Readers may recall the January hack that cost Coincheck over $500 million. The largest theft in cryptocurrency history, the hack saw the exploitation of a vulnerability in the exchange’s security system and culminated in the loss of more than 500… Continue Reading →

VanEck Exec on Lack of Bitcoin ETF: ‘What f*ing parallel universe is this?’

A digital asset strategist for New York-based veteran investment management firm VanEck is pretty irate that there is still no exchange traded fund for Bitcoin. In response to a tweet by Matt Odell, who was saying how Coinbase is risking… Continue Reading →

Blythe Masters, Wall Street Veteran, Resigns from Blockchain Startup

Blythe Masters is stepping down as chief executive officer of Digital Asset Holdings LLC after serving nearly four years to the blockchain software firm. The Wall Street Veteran, known for inventing credit default swaps, asserted via Digital Asset’s press release… Continue Reading →

Hyperledger Project Grows as Alibaba Cloud, Citi, Deutsche Telekom, and New Members Join the Global Forum  

Hyperledger, the leading open source blockchain project recently announced that Alibaba Cloud, Citi, Deutsche Telekom,, and 12 other organizations have joined the Hyperledger Global Forum. According to the press release published on December 12, 2018, the growing Hyperledger Community… Continue Reading →

BitTorrent Creator Aims to Kill Bitcoin with the Green Cryptocurrency “Chia”

Known for inventing torrenting (BitTorrent) in the early noughties, Bram Cohen might also end up getting famous for an entirely different thing – solving the electricity wastage problem of bitcoin. Cohen’s newest creation, a cryptocurrency known as Chia which bills… Continue Reading →

Bitcoin History Part 5: A Wild Altcoin Appears

It’s hard to imagine a time before cryptocurrency exchanges were stocked with hundreds of digital assets. A time before the pejorative “shitcoin” had been coined and there was no such metric as bitcoin dominance. But travel back to late 2010… Continue Reading →

Quinone CEO Backs Bitcoin to Reach New All-Time High by 2019

It’s no secret the crypto industry is not particularly at its most profitable moment. However, despite the dire state in which the crypto market has found itself, there are certain people who believe things will turn around in a big… Continue Reading →

Bitcoin Surges 18% in 3 Days as it Nears $3,800: What’s Next For the Market?

Since December 17, within less than three days, the Bitcoin price has surged from $3,181 to $3,776 against the U.S. dollar, by more than 18 percent. On cryptocurrency-to-fiat exchanges like Coinbase and Bitstamp, Bitcoin (BTC) has slightly corrected to $3,700… Continue Reading →

Chatter Report: Schiff Accuses Kelly of Pump and Dump, Lingham Calls for ‘Real Adoption’

In our latest roundup of crypto chatter, tensions run high as Peter Schiff accuses Brian Kelly of dumping bitcoin on retail investors. The accusation surfaced after Kelly recently revealed that he is net short on BTC. Also, Vinny Lingham gives… Continue Reading →

Australian Tax Office Warns Traders About Declaring Cryptocurrency Profits

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has reissued a warning to traders to ensure they declare their cryptocurrency profits when reporting their annual revenues. The ATO has warned Aussie crypto traders numerous times in the past but the issue is now… Continue Reading →

Bitcoin Futures Manipulation: How it Works and How to Reduce It

The markets were euphoric. The community was cheer-leading the imminent launch of Bitcoin futures first on the CBOE and then on the CME. Bitcoin reached its all time high. They saw this as an indication that institutional investors were just around… Continue Reading →’s Oracle Aims to Bolster BCH-Powered Smart Contracts is pleased to unveil plans to offer one of the world’s first oracles for smart contracts on the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain. The autonomous feature will allow specialized prediction markets and decision-based transactions for sports scores, political results, and… Continue Reading →

Chinese Internet Court Uses Blockchain To Combat Online Plagiarism

An Internet Court launched in Eastern Chinese City Hangzhou will now use blockchain to fight plagiarism for online writers, local Chinese news outlet reported. China launched its first internet court in the city of Hangzhou to deal with internet related… Continue Reading →

Humaniq Project collected $1,300,000 in the first hour of ICO

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg &8211 April 6 &8211 Humaniq launched their ICO on the 6th of…nThe post Humaniq Project collected $1,300,000 in the first hour of ICO appeared first on

Op-Ed: Defrauded Municipalities Demonstrate Use Case For Smart Contracts

In June, Galveston County (Texas) discovered that it had paid over $525,000 to someone it didn’t owe money to, a scam artist posing as a representative of a firm doing work for the county. The author contends this would be… Continue Reading →

France Rejects Cryptocurrency-Friendly Tax Amendments

France’s National Assembly has rejected a number of tax amendments aimed at lowering taxes for cryptocurrency traders and users. Among rejected amendments are those concerning capital gains and losses and crypto tax exemptions. Also read: Indian Supreme Court Moves Crypto Hearing, Community… Continue Reading →

Bankers Raise Concerns Over Robinhood’s New Saving Accounts

Robinhood launched its 3% interest “checking and savings” accounts last week. With 3% well over the average rate offered by conventional banks and some key differentials in the insurance that protects investors in Robinhood’s new products, U.S banking organizations are… Continue Reading →

AriseBank CEO Settles SEC Charges

CCN previously reported on the arrest and murky background of Jared Rice, Sr., the “CEO” of the AriseBank ICO scheme which saw him lining his pockets and paying personal expenses out of raised funds in the extreme. Yesterday afternoon, the… Continue Reading →

Russians to Be Allowed ICO Investments up to $9,000 per Year

Russian lawmakers have revised another bill regarding the regulation of the industry built around cryptocurrencies. In its latest version, the draft law on crowdfunding sets the maximum amount of money ordinary Russians will be permitted to invest in projects such… Continue Reading →

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