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Kadena Blockchain Taps Healthcare Data Firm to Track Medical Cannabis Product

The first application on Kadena’s public blockchain is a tracking platform for CBD oil.

Four Insights on Crypto Liquidity From Binance US and FTX

Missed our webinar on crypto exchanges Read the takeaways from CoinDesk Research’s chat with Binance US CEO Catherine Coley and FTXs Sam Bankman-Fried.

Microsoft Is Using Blockchain to Help Firms Trust AI

Microsoft is pitching blockchain technology as a way to make artificial intelligence less scary for its corporate customers.

Mnuchin Fine With Libra Launch, But Crypto Project Must Fully Comply With AML Rules

Steven Mnuchin, secretary of the U.S. Treasury, has no issue with the launch of the Facebook-led Libra project as long as financial rules are followed to the letter.

Microsoft Collaboration Fuels 50 Rally for Enjins Cryptocurrency

Microsofts collaboration with blockchain gaming startup Enjin has prompted a roughly 50 percent surge in the project’s native token over a two-day period.

Key Bitcoin Price Indicator Turns Bearish, But It May Not Be Bad News

The widely followed monthly MACD has turned bearish for the first time since May. However, it likely just reflects recent months of price downturn.

Asset Manager Secures SEC Approval to Create Novel Bitcoin Futures Fund

NYDIG plans to raise $25 million for an SEC-approved investment fund focused entirely on cash-settled bitcoin futures.

MARKETS DAILY Planning a Run on Bitcoin Banks

With markets mixed but mostly down, we’re looking at Deutche Bank’s 2030 crypto call, the movement encouraging an annual bitcoin exchange bank run, and Enjins Microsoft-fueled rally

Bank of China Issues $2.8B in Bonds for Small Businesses Using Blockchain Tech

Bank of China has issued 20 billion yuan, or about $2.8 billion, in blockchain-based bonds to small businesses.

State Street 38 of Clients Will Put More Money into Digital Assets in 2020

The majority of asset managers that bank with State Street are interested in digital assets, but none have asked the global custodian to store them yet.

SEC Reveals Telegrams Communications With Investors, Seeks to Question Advisor

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission SEC wants Telegrams former chief investment advisor to testify and hand over documents related to the company’s $1.7 billion 2018 token sale.

Bitcoin Volatility Is Up, Liquidity Stagnant

If stability and liquidity are part of bitcoin’s road to becoming a mature asset, 2019 has been a period of arrested development.

Analytics: Bitcoin Price Bottom is Close, Bullish Reversal to be “Strong”

Since Bitcoin (BTC) tapped $6,500 in late-November, analysts have been wondering if the bottom is really in. You see, the leading cryptocurrency bounced by 20% from $6,500, hitting $7,850 just a week back. Related Reading: Eat My Shorts: Everything You Need… Continue Reading →

Crypto Tidbits: Deutsche Bank Gives Nod to Bitcoin, EOS to Host Social Media, France Digital Currency

Another week, another round of Crypto Tidbits. Bitcoin saw an effectively flat week, gaining 0.08% over the past seven days according to Altcoins have posted similar results, or rather, a lack of results, with a majority of cryptocurrencies posting gains… Continue Reading →

While Markets Move Sideways, Crypto Whale Sightings Increase

While cryptocurrency markets have been moving sideways during the last few weeks, digital currency proponents have been observing large bitcoin whale movements. Transactions with tens of thousands of BTC have been noticed on the move from one wallet to another…. Continue Reading →

Ripple Files Final Motion to Dismiss Class-Action Securities Lawsuit

n Ripple has filed to dismiss a class-action lawsuit that alleges it sold XRP in an unregistered securities offeringn

Steven Mnuchin Does Not Expect US to Issue Digital Dollar in Next 5 Years

n U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin says he and the Federal Reserve chairman see no need for the country to issue a digital dollarn

Japanese Financial Giant SBI Holdings Considers Paying Dividends in XRP

n SBI Holdings is considering an opt-in program that would distribute shareholder dividends in XRPn

Binance Crypto Exchange Seeks Staff to Lead Its Efforts in Turkey

n Binance cryptocurrency exchange is continuing its expansion into Turkey and is seeking out local staff for its offices in Istanbuln

Komodos AtomicDEX Exchange Runs a P2P Full Node in Your Web Browser

n Komodo developers claim their AtomicDEX web implementation runs a full P2P node in the users web browsern

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