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What’s Next For Bitcoin Price After It Just Reclaimed $7,300?

Somehow, someway, the price of Bitcoin has continued to show resilience after March 12’s capitulation event, decisively retaking $7,300 just minutes ago after trying an failing to surmount this level multiple times over the past few days. As of the… Continue Reading →

Blind Faith in S2F Models: Analysts Question Measuring Bitcoin’s Price With Stock-to-Flow

One of the most bullish charts for predicting the price of bitcoin is the infamous stock-to-flow (S2F) model. The S2F analysis shows the price of BTC could reach $55,000 in the near future. One advocate of the S2F model, the… Continue Reading →

Bitcoin Price ‘Floor’ to Jump to $7-8K Post Halving

Bitcoin price recently plummeted to under $4,000, bouncing off what may believe is the absolute “floor” for the first-ever cryptocurrency. However, according to data from a top crypto industry analyst, the price floor of Bitcoin could jump to as much… Continue Reading →

John Bollinger Reveals How Bitcoin (BTC) Has Been Affected by COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has turned Bitcoin into another ‘risk-on, risk-off vehicle’

Slush Pool Creators Improving Bitcoin Mining Security with New Software

Braiins, the creators of Slush Pool, has integrated new software into its BOSminer software suite, which is the first working implementation of the Stratum V2 protocol. The firm says the new software will improve the security and efficiency of mining… Continue Reading →

Gemini Crypto Exchange to List Brave’s Basic Attention Token (BAT)

In an official announcement dated April 6, 2020, U.S.-based Gemini cryptocurrency exchange stated that it would soon be introducing support for privacy-centric web browser Brave’s native digital token – Basic Attention Token (BAT). Gemini Extends Support for BAT In a… Continue Reading →

BitCAD to Develop a Decentralized System for Biometric Identification

BitCAD, an international project focused on developing cryptographically secured smart platforms, has announced that they are working on a decentralized solution for biometric identification. While the market in question seems to have crystallized, the issue goes a bit deeper, so… Continue Reading →

Dark Web Vendors Sell Masks and COVID-19 Tests for Bitcoin (BTC): Research

Face masks are now the darlings of dark web sellers amidst the coronavirus pandemic

Optimism Is Coming Back in the Stock Market – Will it Last?

Global stock markets are soaring on Monday as investors cheer the declining COVID-19 rates, but optimism might not last. The post Optimism Is Coming Back in the Stock Market – Will it Last? appeared first on

Does Boeing Stock’s Massive Surge Mean It’s Finally Bottomed?

Investors are piling up equities like Boeing stock Monday as if the market bottom is in soon, but it’s going to be a harder landing than that. The post Does Boeing Stock’s Massive Surge Mean It’s Finally Bottomed? appeared first… Continue Reading →

Sell Every Stock Market Rally Because 2008-Style Recession Is Coming: JPMorgan

JPMorgan’s CEO is warning that we’re headed for a 2008-stock market collapse as the novel coronavirus strangles the economy. The post Sell Every Stock Market Rally Because 2008-Style Recession Is Coming: JPMorgan appeared first on

Ethereum Explodes 15% Higher: What’s Behind The Sudden Surge?

Bitcoin often leads the crypto market, but all eyes seem to be on Ethereum at the moment; in the past day, since Monday’s candle open at $142, the second-largest digital asset has rocketed 13% higher, reaching $165 just minutes ago… Continue Reading →

2 American Banks Have Failed Since Coronavirus Started Spreading in the US

Since the coronavirus started spreading in the U.S., two banks have failed and were shut down by state banking authorities. One was a bank in West Virginia and the other was in the state of Nebraska. The governor of West… Continue Reading →

South Korea: Central Bank Launches Pilot Program for Digital Won

The Bank of Korea, South Korea’s central bank, has commenced a pilot project to study the modalities for the issuance of a central bank digital currency (CBDC).  CBDC Not an Immediate Need for South Korea According to an official press… Continue Reading →

Rough Week Ahead, Correlation With Stock Market Could Be Deadly for Bitcoin

Bitcoin price has nearly doubled since the cryptocurrency experienced a massive collapse in mid-March, falling to as low as $3,800. Although the first-ever cryptocurrency is now trading at prices above $7,000, with the way the asset has been tightly correlated… Continue Reading →

Ethereum On Cusp of Explosive Move After Confirming Bullish Formation

Ethereum incurred a notable overnight surge that has allowed it to rally over 8%, gaining a firm position within the mid-$150 region as it begins showing signs of building strong momentum against both its USD and BTC trading pairs. Analysts… Continue Reading →

Prince Harry Is Loving Hollywood Life – But He Refuses to Pay His Fair Share

By stalling on American citizenship, it’s clear that Prince Harry isn’t quite ready to give up his royal titles for his American dream. The post Prince Harry Is Loving Hollywood Life – But He Refuses to Pay His Fair Share… Continue Reading →

Ethereum (ETH) Founder Vitalik Buterin Names Worst Bitcoin (BTC) Price Predictions

These Bitcoin (BTC) price predictions named by Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin will make you feel like an oracle

Main Reason Bitcoin (BTC) Hashrate Surged Back Above 100 EH/s After Precipitous Drop

Bitcoin’s hashrate has surged back above 100 EH/s after a historic difficulty adjustment

Ethereum (ETH) Price Able to Reach $195, Here?s How

Analysts are bullish on Ethereum at the moment, expecting it to surge to $195, here?s how it can happen

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