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May 2017

Mining Pool Viabtc Launches New Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

This week the Chinese company and mining pool, Viabtc has announced the launch of a new cryptocurrency trading platform called The announcement follows the startup’s recent series A funding back in March which is now being used to expand… Continue Reading →

OKCoin and Huobi Move to End China’s Bitcoin Withdrawal Freeze

Signs are emerging that long-lasting withdrawal freeze in China’s digital currency exchange ecosystem is finally thawing.nSource

Spanish Banks Back ‘Red Lyra’ Blockchain Consortium

A group of Spanish banks, law firms and corporations have formed a new blockchain consortium.nSource

Senators Call for Digital Currency Oversight in Anti-Money Laundering Bill

A pair of US senators have filed a new anti-money laundering bill aimed at beefing up oversight of digital currency activities.nSource

$236 Ethereum’s Ether Token Hits New All-Time Price High

The price of ether, the digital asset that powers the ethereum blockchain, hit an all-time high today as new exchanges pledged support.nSource

$35 Million in 30 Seconds Token Sale for Internet Browser Brave Sells Out

The makers of web browser Brave have raised new funding through the use of a blockchain-based token it hopes will incentivize user growth.nSource

Judges Shoot Down Silk Road Operator’s Appeal Bid

Ross Ulbricht, who was sentenced to life in prison in 2015 for operating the now-defunct dark market Silk Road, has lost his appeal.nSource

A Bitcoin Beginners Guide to Surviving the BIP 148 UASF

This is a re-write of A Bitcoin Beginners Guide to Surviving a Coin-Split, specifically addressing issues associated with the upcoming BIP 148 UASF.There is a chance Bitcoin will experience a chain-split on August 1st. A segment of all Bitcoin users… Continue Reading →

Europe, the next chapter

A ‘Segwit2x Working Group’ Has Submitted a Bitcoin Scaling Plan

Just recently reported on a Bitcoin Improvement Proposal (BIP) written by Calvin Rechner that was recently submitted to the developer’s mailing list. There is another plan in the works initiated by Bitcoin developer and Bloq CEO, Jeff Garzik, that… Continue Reading →

Bitcoin Scam Fighters – First Legal-Services Offering Platform to Fight Cryptocurrency Scams

This is a paid press release, which contains forward looking statements, and should be treated as advertising or promotional material. does not endorse nor support this product/service. is not responsible for or liable for any content, accuracy or quality… Continue Reading →

Why a Facebook Investor is Calling for Regulated ICO Investment Products

Asset manager ARK Invest would like to diversify its portfolio into ICOs, but, for now, a barrier of regulatory hurdles stands in the way.nSource

Ethereum: Winter is Coming!

Ethereum marches into the Ice Age; the Difficulty Bomb starts to become noticeable, as the miners need more time to find new blocks. This freezing of the network aims to help to master the switch to Proof of Stake. Currently,… Continue Reading →

Bitcoin’s ‘SegWit2x’ Scaling Proposal Where the Startups Stand

CoinDesk asks firms in the industry for their opinions on a new ‘agreement’ that aims to resolve bitcoin’s scaling stalemate.nSource

Tokenized Dollars Singapore’s Central Bank Details New Blockchain Trial

Singapore’s central bank has published new details of distributed ledger trial that saw it issue digital tokens tied to its national currency.nSource

Russia’s Central Bank is Writing a New Bitcoin Law

Russia’s central bank is preparing new legislation focused on bitcoin and other digital currencies, reports say.nSource

Walmart Explores Blockchain Powered Drone Delivery, Applies for Patent

The uses of blockchain technology has far exceeded the initial expectations of the cryptocurrency sector. The technology is now being pursued by a range of industry segments including the supermarket and retail chains. Walmart, a leading US retail giant, has… Continue Reading →

Bitcoin Could Progress the Fourth Industrial Revolution Says Wealth Manager

Over the past few months, bitcoin’s value has grown significantly and many believe the growth is due to the geopolitical risks taking place within the global economy. According to a well-known executive wealth advisor bitcoin is more than just an… Continue Reading →

AsRock H110 Pro BTC+ Mining Motherboard with 13 PCI-E Slots

If you thought AsRock is getting behind in the game lately as far as GPU crypto mining motherboards go, well thing again… even though they haven’t had a new Pro BTC motherboard since the H81 Pro BTC they are not… Continue Reading →

We Can Now Use Visa to Pay Bitcoin Network Transaction Fees

For several years now Blockstream and Core supporters have been advocating a “fee market” and having full blocks all the time. Many have even gone so far as to claim that Bitcoin is unstable without full blocks, while completely ignoring… Continue Reading →

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