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August 2017

Coinbase Captures Majority of Virtual Currency Consumer Complaints in 2017

This week the student loan organization, Lend EDU, published a report that details virtual currency company complaints are up 5,971 percent this year according to data pulled from the U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau database. Also Read:¬†Bitcoin Is Becoming a… Continue Reading →

$1 Mln Ethereum Plans European Union Eyes Helping Refugees with Blockchain

n n n n Ethereum is currently under consideration to help refugees as part of a $1 mln experiment by the European Union.n

Dubai Goes Blockchain to Become Fintech Hub for The East

n n n n Dubai no longer views Blockchain as simply a fad and will likely be the worlds first in deploying fully functional governmental Blockchain services.n

Major Banks Join USC Project for Blockchain-based Cryptocurrency Banking

n n n n Several major banks have joined a project that is intended to facilitate the issuance by central banks of currencies using Blockchainn

ICO Site Suspends Services Amid Reports of Regulator Scrutiny

A website for funding initial coin offerings ICOs in China has suspended its services amid reports that regulators may impose new curbs.

EY Launches Blockchain-based Platform for Autonomous Vehicle Fleet Management

n n n n Professional Services Firm EY has launched its Tesseract project for autonomous vehicle fleet management.n

F2Pool Reneges Bitcoin Pool Pulls Segwit2x Support Over Hard Fork

Controversial scaling proposal, Segwit2x has lost Chinese mining pool, F2Pool’s support over its timeline for a 2MB hard fork.

How Blockchain Businesses Communicate Nowadays

n n n n Blockchain-born companies understand that they must align with all values of this technology, and strive to be democratic, open-source, honest and fair.n

Weeks After Seizure, Troubled Bitcoin Exchange BTC-e Is Back Online

A new web portal for the troubled bitcoin exchange BTC-e has been launched, allowing users to access and check their balances.

Bitcoin Price Jumps Above $4,800 for the First Time

The price of bitcoin has risen above $4,800 for the first time, market data reveals.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin Price Analysis, August 31

n n n n The latest analytical overview.n

The First Crypto Mining Board Game Coming Soon Thanks to Crypto Crowdfunding

The Cryptum ICO looks different than most crowdsales of tokens we’ve seen lately and if you are following us closely you know that we are not big fans of ICOs. It is not a single project, but a network of… Continue Reading →

Bitholla Team Releasing Hollapay Remittance Service

Back in November of 2015, we reported on a little start-up called Bitholla, which sprouted from the burgeoning Seoul Bitcoin community. Inspired by many late-night events, they decided to create a mobile app called Bitholla to help Bitcoin users find,… Continue Reading →

EU Politician Pushes Parliament to Test Blockchain Identity for Refugees

A blockchain task force within the European Parliament wants to explore how the technology could be used to provide digital identities to refugees.n

ICO M&A Token Exits Could Get Messy

The ICO market is powering new forms of startups, but how would they handle mergers and acquisitions It may not be so easy.

Database Giant Oracle Joins Hyperledger Blockchain Project

Computer technology multinational Oracle has officially joined the Hyperledger project, the Linux Foundation-led blockchain development initiative.

Bitcoin Retirement Fund Provider Adds Ripple in IRA Product Update

BitcoinIRA, a company that allows users to create retirement funds based on cryptocurrencies, is adding new options to its portfolio.

Bitcoin Price Sets New All-Time High as Crypto Market Tops $170 Billion

Bitcoin prices are breaking above $4,700 again, just a day after the cryptocurrency’s previous all-time high.

Creator of World’s First Bitcoin Fuel Pump Plans Lightning Support

The creator of the first ever commercial fuel pump to accept bitcoin has revealed a plan to add Lightning Network functionality to his design.n

‘Game of Skill’ US Markets Tech Provider Launches Bitcoin Betting Game

With a shallow market for shorting bitcoin, a Chicago market data firm is bringing a new tool to U.S. retail investors.

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