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September 2017

JSEcoin Self Mining is Now Back Up and Running Again

It seems that quite a lot of websites have recently got into crypto mining Monero (XMR) using the Javascript miner provided by Coin Hive without warning their users that there will be such a thing when you visit them. That… Continue Reading →

IMF Chief Lagarde Tells Central Bankers: “Not Wise to Dismiss Virtual Currencies”

Christine Lagarde, head of the IMF, warns central bankers that bitcoin is rising. She has told them not to discount digital currencies, because they are gaining more adoption and traction. Lagarde addressed this issue in a conference Friday in London. She… Continue Reading →

Australian Securities & Investments Commission Issues Guidance for Initial Coin Offerings

On the 28th September, the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) published a document providing regulatory guidance for businesses that may be engaging in operations pertaining to initial coin offerings (ICOs). The release seeks to clarify the circumstances under which… Continue Reading →

(+) Acquiring Bitcoin: Do’s and Dont’s of Peer-to-Peer Trading

[…] The post (+) Acquiring Bitcoin: Do’s and Dont’s of Peer-to-Peer Trading appeared first on CryptoCoinsNews.

The Satoshi Revolution – Chapter 1: A Revolution of Rising Expectations

The Satoshi Revolution: A Revolution of Rising Expectations, Chapter 1 (part 1). by Wendy McElroy Section One: The Trusted Third Party Problem Chapter One: Listening to the Past “The root problem with conventional currency is all the trust that’s required… Continue Reading →

SEC Charges ‘Real Estate and Diamond’ ICO With Fraud

On September 29th 2017, the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) charged an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) operator with fraud. The ICO project in question, REcoin, claimed their token was the “first ever cryptocurrency backed by real estate,” and that they… Continue Reading →

Virtual Currencies Expected to be Regulated in China on October 1st

Chinese media outlet has reported that laws governing the use of virtual currencies in China will be enacted on October 1st 2017. Jinse states that Chinese cryptocurrency regulations were incorporated into the nation’s “General Principles of the Civil Law… Continue Reading →

A Closer Look at the Suspicious Activity Involved With the Bitcoin Gold Fork

Just recently reported on a planned hard fork on the Bitcoin network slated for October 25 called Bitcoin Gold (BTG). There’s a lot of controversy surrounding this fork as the BTG team is very unorganized and the project is… Continue Reading →

PR: Polymerium Motor Oils Pre-Ico Launch

This is a paid press release, which contains forward looking statements, and should be treated as advertising or promotional material. does not endorse nor support this product/service. is not responsible for or liable for any content, accuracy or quality… Continue Reading →

Morgan Stanley CEO, James Gorman, Offers More Rational Words on Bitcoin

It might seem that lately, the world of high-finance want nothing more than to drop a proverbial load all over Bitcoin but CEO of leading global financial services firm Morgan Stanley, James Gorman, offered words to support the contrary on Wednesday…. Continue Reading →

Japan Endorses 11 Different Crypto Exchanges, Turns Into Friendliest Asian Bitcoin Market

Japan’s Finacial Services Agency (FSA) announced last Friday that they are endorsing 11 different cryptocurrency exchanges. This sets Japan on a path to becoming the headquarters for everything Bitcoin, especially since China recently crippled their crypto market by banning exchanges…. Continue Reading →

Using an Altcoin to Save a Few Cents May Not Be Worth It

As the Bitcoin network experiences transaction congestion and higher fees many people have considered alternatives to avoid these issues. During transaction traffic peaks, a few cryptocurrency supporters have recommended using altcoins to save money from bitcoin miner fees and speed… Continue Reading →

Claymore CryptoNote AMD GPU Miner 10.1 for Monero Mining is Available

Claymore has updated his Monero miner for AMD GPUs to bring it more up to date in terms of features and performance due to the increased interest and profitability in mining XMR lately. The latest version uses the latest framework… Continue Reading →

The Bitcoin ETF Holy Grail — Another Firm Attempts the Odds Against SEC

According to public records, another company has filed with the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission to create two bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETF) based on Bitcoin derivatives. ETF firm Proshares Capital Management aims to get its bitcoin-futures products listed on the New… Continue Reading →

Safeguarding against phone porting

Announcing Coinbase phone support 1 888 9087930

Announcing Ethereum & Litecoin vaults

Creating Intrinsic Value in Cryptocurrencies

nnnnnnnnnThe investment banker Jamie Dimon caused a stir when he declarednrecently that Bitcoin will collapse because it is worth nothing.nBitcoins current market value, he claimed, is driven almost entirely by speculation,nrather than by any real and present intrinsic value that… Continue Reading →

IMF’s Lagarde Ignoring Cryptocurrencies ‘May Not Be Wise’

Cryptocurrencies and their potential for growing use shouldn’t be ignored, according to IMF chief Christine Lagarde.

Cayman Investment Forum Focuses on Rise of Bitcoin and Failing Dollar

The financial ecosystem is changing radically. The Cayman Investment Forum  recognizes this, and hopes to address concerns about this new financial world. The founders of the event believe either bitcoin or gold will represent the future store of value. They… Continue Reading →

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