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February 2018

Brazilian Security Firm Launches A “Hack-proof” Android Smartphone For Storing Cryptocurrencies

In what appears to be a first-of-its-kind handset, Brazilian security firm Sikur has rolled out a smartphone with a built-in cryptocurrency wallet at the Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona. Unhackable Hardware The company claims that the security-focused new handset,… Continue Reading →

Germany won’t tax you for coffee with bitcoin!

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2018: The year every bank in the world starts scrambling to compete with crypto

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Ironically, Blockchain Could Save Bitcoin’s Environmental Downfalls

It is safe to say that while blockchain technology hasn’t been around for long in comparison to other revolutionary technical ideas, its effect is being felt in every industry in some way or the other. For the masses, bitcoin, by… Continue Reading →

Ledger Nano S – Back in stock!

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This is what happens if you poke government and you are not anonymous. All those people thinking privacy/anonymity is bad, think twice.

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Buyer Beware!!! Spotting Scam ICOs Made Easy (5 Steps for 2018)

With Initial coin offerings (ICOs) becoming more prevalent than ever one thing is also very clear. Scams are feeding off these ICOs or the ICO is a scam entirely. The ICO market has been able to thrive in a space… Continue Reading →

Bitcoin Adoption Soars in Africa in the wake of Increasingly Volatile Fiat Currencies

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$2.7 Billion (per day) Oil Business Set to Kick Paper Out for Blockchain

In an industry notorious for its paperwork, the maritime transporters of half of the world’s crude oil supply are looking to the blockchain to revamp the shipping industry’s backend. Although utilizing a decentralized ledger would be a giant leap forward,… Continue Reading →

Lightning Network testnet pic from @LynxCollection

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Add US Bank to the list of bad banks. They won’t even let me use my DEBIT CARD to instant buy at Coinbase. It’s OVER for banks. BURN IT ALL DOWN.

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Japanese Regulators Double Up Regulations on Initial Coin Offerings

Since initial coin offerings (ICOs) first exploded in popularity in 2017, governments and regulators across the world have been playing catch-up in their efforts to try and draw up regulations for this sector and passing them into law. Japan, a… Continue Reading →

Bitcoin is faster than credit cards, SWIFT and Western Union

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Bitcoin ATMs in Las Vegas!

We just placed down 7 locations in Las Vegas: 6 one-way ATMs and 1 two-way ATM! Find us at: Lotus of Siam, Tea Space Sunset Park, District One, Rustica Pizzaria, Ohms 2 Vapor, Chatime, Heart Attack Grill (Two-way). Use discount… Continue Reading →

Don’t Miss Out on the Datarius Cryptobank ITO During March 2018!

Only a week is left until one of the major events of Spring 2018. On March 5 at 12:12 UTC Datarius, the first social p2p cryptobank, launches its Main ITO Round. The project has already experienced more than a year… Continue Reading →

PR: Education Ecosystem Announces Token Exchange Listings and Chance to Win Three Tesla Model S Cars

This is a paid press release, which contains forward looking statements, and should be treated as advertising or promotional material. does not endorse nor support this product/service. is not responsible for or liable for any content, accuracy or… Continue Reading →

DigixDao Price Prediction: Why This Lesser-Known Gold-Based Crypto Is Surging Heavily

What Is DigixDao (DGD) and Why Is it Skyrocketing? A lesser-known cryptocurrency, DigixDao (DGD), is swiftly ascending the market cap ranks. It has piqued immense buying activity in the past week and is now trading in the top 25. But… Continue Reading →

Lawyers Discuss Challenges Posed by Cryptocurrencies During Divorce

Several lawyers have discussed some of the challenges that arise from cryptocurrency ownership during divorce. The anonymous nature of cryptocurrencies creates the possibility for spouses to accumulate wealth that is concealed from their partner. However, this often can lead to… Continue Reading →

Roger Ver I Will Sell My Coins To Buy More Useful Bitcoin Unlimited

n n n n Roger Ver has gone on record saying he will sell his BTC holdings for much more useful Bitcoin Unlimited.n

Ethereum Foundation Considers Get Out of Jail Free Cards For Lost Funds

  A proposal, called “EIP 867: Standardized Ethereum Recovery Proposals,” is making many members of the Ethereum community concerned. The idea behind the proposal is to create a framework that would clarify and normalize the process of recovering lost funds… Continue Reading →

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