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February 2018

Report: Crypto Miners Bought 3 Million GPUs Last Year

More than 3 million graphics cards have been sold to cryptocurrency miners in 2017, with sales reaching $776 million, a new report revealed. According to a major manufacturer, prices of GPUs will continue to increase in 2018, despite expectations of… Continue Reading →

Supreme Court Sides With Bitcoin Broker in Israeli Bank Dispute

Upon appeal, the Israeli Supreme Court has rejected the closure of Bits of Gold’s banking facilities at Leumi bank, Tel Aviv. The Israeli cryptocurrency brokerage’s appeal followed a previous ruling against it that has now been set aside by the… Continue Reading →

Struggling bitcoin will double by mid-year, Wall Street’s Tom Lee says

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Bitcoin Price Forecast: SegWit Sees Unprecedented Adoption as BTC Transactions Spike

Daily Bitcoin News Update Tracking BTC prices is becoming a mind-numbing process as Bitcoin prices continue to seesaw on the chart. Since price volatility is a given in Bitcoin investing, daily price movements are better left ignored. What’s more deserving… Continue Reading →

Ethereum Price Forecast: Japan, City-Based ICOs, and Scared Banks

Ethereum News Update There’s a lot of Ethereum news this morning, so I cherry-picked the three most interesting stories I could find. One of them, in particular, might affect our Ethereum price forecast. Before I get to those stories, however, you… Continue Reading →

How to Buy NEO Coin: Best Exchanges to Buy NEO With Credit Card, USD, and Cryptos

What Is NEO? NEO is one of the fastest growing cryptocurrencies, having achieved a whopping 49,000% growth between January and December 2017. No wonder the question “What is NEO?” is popping up everywhere. NEO is often described as the “Ethereum killer”… Continue Reading →

Finance Upstart Utilizes Bitcoin and Ethereum Trading to Finally Break Even

While many people who have invested in cryptocurrencies have made fortunes as a result of getting in at the right time, in traditional financial markets, there is certainly nowhere near the level of volatility as is seen with crypto on… Continue Reading →

The average cost to mine 1 bitcoin in 115 different countries

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Digital Currency Group Welcomes Bitcoin-Friendly Bank to the ‘DCG Family’

This week the ‘bitcoin-friendly’ financial institution Silvergate Bank sold 9.5 million shares that raised a sum of $114Mn USD during the common stock sale. Some of the capital injection was provided by the venture capital firm Digital Currency Group who… Continue Reading →

CFTC Employees Permitted to Trade Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

It has been reported that the leading commodities regulator in the United States, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), has provided clarity on whether their workers can engage in cryptocurrency investing, a net positive for the crypto market. The CFTC… Continue Reading →

Litecoin Price Prediction: Litecoin Making Its Way to New Crypto Market in the Middle East

Daily Litecoin News Update Litecoin prices have continued to dip in the hours following yesterday’s Litecoin news update. The drop is partly owed to the marketwide downtrend, but mostly due to the disappointing “LitePay” launch on Monday. But all this… Continue Reading →

Bill Gates Says Crypto Has Caused Deaths in a Fairly Direct Way

One of the world’s most affluent persons, Bill Gates, appears to have bought in to the rhetoric of popular media and government law enforcement accounts. Recently, Mr. Gates and his wife submitted to a Reddit Ask-Me-Anything (AMA), and Mr. Gates’… Continue Reading →

Craig Wright Facing $10 Billion Lawsuit Over Stolen Bitcoin

There have been numerous lawsuits filed against individuals and companies in the cryptocurrency sector in recent times. Most of the time these are related to fraudulent ICOs or tokens that do not follow the relevant securities laws. However, none of… Continue Reading →

Ripple Price Analysis: With New Investors Come Old Myths About XRP

Ripple News Update You would think that by now—after months of fighting the fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD)—investors would be able to separate fact from fiction. Apparently, that’s not the case. Some are still confused about Ripple’s upside. They still… Continue Reading →

British Man in Amsterdam Allegedly Laundered €11.5m in Bitcoin Drug Money

A UK man living in Amsterdam is facing up to five years in prison for allegedly helping people by exchanging fiat cash for bitcoin which was used to buy drugs. He supposedly started by growing cannabis himself but soon found… Continue Reading →

NANO Price Forecast: NANO Coin Leaves Rival Litecoin’s Charlie Lee Impressed?

Why NANO Cryptocurrency Price is Soaring While the broader crypto market moves sideways, cryptocurrency NANO remains on a tear. The bull is now in the seventh day of its run chasing NANO’s bygone all-time highs. Mind you, days are equivalent… Continue Reading →

Concerned Jimmy Song Wants Unpaid Bitcoin Coders Cut into the Money

In a departure from the typical scene of enthusiasts gaining nothing but recognition from their Bitcoin coding, Jimmy Song is seeking to formalize future development along new lines. Coding a Revenue Stream for Developers Now a partner at Blockchain Capital,… Continue Reading →

Swiss Stock Exchange Chairman Advocates National Cryptocurrency

The chairman of Switzerland’s stock exchange, Romeo Lacher, has spoken in favor of developing a Swiss national cryptocurrency. Mr. Lacher suggested that the proposed “e-franc” would provide a boost to the Swiss economy, in addition to comprising a payment system… Continue Reading →

Claymore’s NeoScrypt AMD GPU Miner Now Available

Claymore is extending his coverage on the different mining algorithms with a new NeoScrypt AMD GPU miner that ahs been available for a few days already and we’ve played a bit with it to see what it can deliver. Do… Continue Reading →

Forking Today: Bittrex’ Stance on Bitcoin Private Angers Zclassic Bagholders

In less than six hours, zclassic will fork to create bitcoin private, a new privacy-oriented coin that uses zk-snarks to obfuscate transactions. Holders of bitcoin and zclassic will both be eligible to receive bitcoin private (BTCP) on a 1:1 basis…. Continue Reading →

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