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May 2018

Indian Exchange Unocoin Launches New Trading Platform with 15 Cryptocurrencies

One of India’s major cryptocurrency exchanges, Unocoin, has announced the launch of its new trading platform, “featuring the whole set of tools for hardcore traders in the industry.” Fifteen cryptocurrencies can now be traded using its platforms. Also read: Yahoo! Japan… Continue Reading →

I have a part time job with a company that supports the railroad and I saw this drawn in the dirt on the side of a locomotive this morning.

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eToro Leads the Cryptocurrency Craze

Cryptocurrency is becoming a mainstream technology. The rising popularity of cryptocurrencies throughout 2017 has got this new industry on a rush as prices went through the roof while thousands and thousands of new users started joining the ecosystem. On the… Continue Reading →

ICO Advisory Inwage Launched by Bitcoin Payroll Service Bitwage

Bitwage, a bitcoin-based payroll system, is creating a technical framework to facilitate the process of launching an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for traditional businesses. Providing Professional ICO Support Termed InWage, the new advisory initiative will tap into traditional firms that… Continue Reading →

Compare Bitcoin market cap with Apple, Amazon, Visa, JPMorgan Chase and others…

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Devere Group Adds Bitcoin Cash and EOS to Crypto Exchange App

Devere Group, an international financial consultancy boasting well over 80,000 clients in more than 100 countries, has announced that Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and EOS have now been added its recently released cryptocurrency exchange app Devere Crypto. Also Read: Bitcoin in Brief… Continue Reading →

[OC] Bitcoin infographic

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Bittrex Gets Green Light to Allow Customers to Buy Bitcoin Using US Dollars

Allaying some of the fears surrounding the impact on Bittrex in case of the implosion of Tether, bitcoin and altcoin exchange announced the acceptance USD fiat deposits for some customers on May 31. One of the main issues that a… Continue Reading →

500-year-old Forest Protected by Native Americans Accepts Litecoin Donations

According to a Reddit thread, NDPonics, a non-government organization located in West-central Virginia is currently accepting “decentralized currency donations” to build sovereignty among tribal land conservation, renewable energy installation, energy efficiency and enable tribal food production. Their mission is to… Continue Reading →

Apple Sides with Russian Govt, Restricts Telegram, Claims Pavel Durov

If there’s a sacred line the crypto community insists shouldn’t be crossed, it’s Thou Shalt Never Cooperate with Government Prohibitions. Apple Inc., the world’s most valuable company, appears to have ventured into such territory, according to Telegram’s founder Pavel Durov…. Continue Reading →

Substandard: Bitmain’s Antminer B3 Bitcoin Miner Not Exactly as Hyped

The world’s largest Bitcoin miner-manufacturer, Bitmain, has gotten into the bad books of some of their Chinese customers by manufacturing a substandard cryptocurrency mining machine. During April 2018, at the Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence summit forum in Hangzhou, Bitmain’s Head… Continue Reading →

Bitcoin has a chance to be featured in front of 475 merchants, we need to win the vote in order to get featured!

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Bittrex is introducing BTC Fiat (USD) trading

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The IRS is everywhere (2018 colorized and bastardized from better image on Imgur)

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Venezuela Bans Imports of Cryptocurrency Miners

Despite Venezuela’s proactive stance on cryptocurrencies, the country’s international shipping companies passed an official measure on May 29, 2018, stating that cryptocurrency mining equipment will no longer be on the list of “approved shipping items.” Creating Borders in a Borderless… Continue Reading →

Highlights from Berlin’s Cryptocurrency Conference: BlockShow Europe 2018

Exhibitors, speakers, and media folks all descended upon the Estrel Hotel and Convention Center in Berlin, Germany for the two-day BlockShow Conference. Comparatively, this year’s conference focused heavily on regulations, institutional investment into the industry, and the never-ending search for… Continue Reading →

Bittrex Launches USD Fiat Trading

Bittrex has finally introduced fiat currency support. The US exchange, which was established in 2013, subsisted with tether as its USD surrogate until recently, before adding another stablecoin, TrueUSD, a couple of months ago. Around the same time, its CEO… Continue Reading →

"Bitcoin lightning wallet" is now officially on main net, another android lightning wallet that allows you to send and receive lightning payments on mobile.

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IBM Unveils Blockchain Platform for Oil Trade Finance

A group of companies including IBM has spearheaded the development of a new blockchain-based crude oil trade finance platform.nSource

Employees of a big bank in Norway are on strike, resulting in bank accounts being temporarily shut down

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