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Bitcoin Would be Lone Survivor in Nuclear War ‘Hunger Games’: Charlie Shrem

By Bitcoiners, rejoice! Only bitcoin (and maybe roaches) would survive a nuclear holocaust. In contrast, banks and fiat money would literally go down in flames. That’s what crypto pioneer Charlie Shrem wants you to know as you ponder a hypothetical dystopian… Continue Reading →

EU Smacks Mastercard with $650 Million Fine for Doing What Credit Card Companies Do Best

By The European Commission on Tuesday slammed Mastercard with a 570.6 million euro ($650 million) fine after finding the company guilty of breaching antitrust rules. According to information released by the EU regulatory body, the original fine was reduced… Continue Reading →

Bitcoin Price Oversold, May Have Found a Bottom: Bloomberg Analyst

By A new analysis in Bloomberg suggests that the Bitcoin bottom is somewhere around $3,000 or $3,100. Using the GTI Global Strength Technical Indicator, the analysis says that Bitcoin is probably oversold at this point. [The indicator] for Bitcoin… Continue Reading →

With Facebook Falling out of Favor, Will Instagram be Enough to Rescue Shareholders?

By According to Fortune’s latest edition of the world’s most respected companies, admiration for Facebook is plummeting. The souring sentiment is following — and followed by — Facebook’s falling share price in what is rapidly becoming a vicious cycle…. Continue Reading →

Bitcoin & Ethereum Grind Upwards as Crypto Market Crosses $120 Billion

By Tuesday afternoon saw Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash post minor against against the backdrop of a tepid crypto market recovery. Bitcoin SV continues to teeter on the brink of being the only major Bitcoin variant to not rank… Continue Reading →

Why the US Corporate Debt Bubble Could Spark the Next Recession

By In November 2018, the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association revealed that the US corporate debt has increased from $4.9 trillion to $9.1 trillion, by 86 percent in just over a decade. The troubling trend has created a… Continue Reading →

Is Bitcoin’s Printing Press Propping up the Crypto Market?

By The total market capitalization of the cryptocurrency market is currently over $120 billion. However, studies show that billions of dollars worth of this market cap is from built-in inflation. Over the course of 2018, $15 billion in new… Continue Reading →

Dow Jones Dives 400 Points as US Cancels Trade Meeting with China

By The Dow Jones Industrial Average plummeted 400 points by mid-day Tuesday. Markets are very responsive to crucial trade policy decisions. The ongoing tariff war with China has had a haphazard effect on various industries, both importing and exporting…. Continue Reading →

BitTorrent’s Creator Wants You to Know He’s Not Involved with Tron’s Crypto Facelift

Bram Cohen, the visionary computer programmer who created peer-to-peer file sharing protocol BitTorrent and the company of the same name, is no longer involved with the project following its sale to Tron and subsequent launch of a crypto token. He… Continue Reading →

‘No Cave!’: Trump Won’t End Shutdown without ‘Powerful Wall’ Funding

By U.S. President Donald Trump has vowed to not let up on his demand for a border wall. In a Tuesday morning tweet, Trump vowed to fulfill his key campaign promise as he accused Democrats of playing “political games”… Continue Reading →

EBay: Dramatic Housecleaning Ahead After Elliott Management Acquires $1.4 Billion Stake

By There’s a new sheriff in town at EBay after activist hedge fund Elliott Management acquired a 4% stake in the online retailer valued at $1.4 billion. In a letter to the company’s board of directors, Elliott promised that dramatic… Continue Reading →

Dow Sinks 300 Points as Democrats Say No to Trump Border Wall Proposal

By U.S. stocks declined sharply on Tuesday, as Democrats wasted little time talking down President Trump’s new proposal to end the government shutdown, now in its fifth week. Dow Drops 300 Points as Stocks See Red All of Wall… Continue Reading →

Who Cares About The Real Bitcoin, I Don’t

It doesn’t matter what the “real Bitcoin” is. In technology, “authenticity” is only important insofar as efficiency allows it to be. It’s unlikely this is the first time you’ve read my work. I like to refer to myself as a… Continue Reading →

Major Apple Supplier Foxconn Denies Mass Layoff Rumors to Hire 50,000 Workers in China

By Foxconn, one of Apple’s largest suppliers, has refuted allegations that it is preparing for mass layoffs. Instead, the Taiwanese-based contract manufacturer has said that it has over 50,000 open positions in China for which it is trying to… Continue Reading →

More U.S. Investors are Holding Cash: Does it Mean a Shaky Dow Jones is Still Very Weak?

From Since January 3, the Dow Jones has recovered by 8.9 percent from 22,868 points to 24,706 points, fueled by the increasing optimism towards China-U.S. trade talks. However, WSJ has reported that the cash holdings of investors in the… Continue Reading →

Bitcoin Exchange Giant Huobi Might ‘Struggle to Survive’ Bear Market

By Throughout 2018, cryptocurrency exchanges posted record profits, raking in hundreds of millions of dollars in trading fees even as the bitcoin price plunged as much as 80 percent from its all-time high. However, as the crypto bear market… Continue Reading →

Adios Panasonic? Tesla Is Fishing For A New Battery Supplier For Its Chinese Car Factory

By Following CEO Elon Musk’s November announcement that Tesla will source production inputs for the new Shanghai Gigafactory locally, the company is now reportedly in the market for a new battery supplier. It will be recalled that in November… Continue Reading →

Crypto Could Still Be ‘Global Currency of Future’: Nasdaq CEO

By On route to Davos, Nasdaq CEO Adena Friedman says 2019 will be a year of disruption and innovation. Cryptocurrencies could still be a global currency if the “tremendous demonstration of genius and creativity” finds practical utility. Pioneering, Followed… Continue Reading →

Dow Futures Prep for Opening Bell Plunge as Bitcoin Price Turns Volatile

By The US stock market returns to action this morning following Monday’s holiday break, and the Dow is gearing up for a triple-digit loss at the opening bell. The bitcoin price, meanwhile, experienced a jolt of volatility ahead of… Continue Reading →

Was November the Last Big Bitcoin Sell-Off? Trader Expects Slow Grind in 2019

By According to a trader and crypto technical analyst, November 2018 may have been the last sell-off of Bitcoin and a long consolidation period is expected throughout 2019. Since experiencing a steep 13 percent drop on January 10 from… Continue Reading →

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