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$16B James Bond Franchise Goes Back to Basics with No Time to Die

By CCN Markets: The official James Bond Twitter account just announced the 25th movie in the 007 series will be entitled “007: No Time to Die.” Forbes pegs the 007 series’ gross earnings at more than $16 billion, adjusted for inflation…. Continue Reading →

Elon Musk Reveals Alternative to ‘Nuke Mars’ Using SpaceX Satellites

By CCN Markets: Elon Musk has leaked more of his plans to make Mars habitable. The SpaceX boss tweeted an alternative idea to warm the red planet’s inhospitable surface via the use of reflective satellites. While the “Nuke Mars” slogan… Continue Reading →

Erik Finman: My Cryptocurrency Will Kill Libra – and Replace Bitcoin

By CCN Markets: Crypto millionaire Erik Finman says bitcoin “is being replaced” by Facebook’s Libra. But he insists his cryptocurrency, Metal Pay, is the “Libra Killer.” The 20-year-old entrepreneur made the ballsy claims in a blog post at Wall Street… Continue Reading →

Cannabis CEO Clueless About R&D, and the Stock Proves It

By CCN Markets: Canopy Growth’s stock may be showing some green today, but it’s down an eye-popping 48 percent from its best levels of 2019. No wonder investors can’t sell fast enough, with the exception of Bruce Linton, who last… Continue Reading →

Trump Adviser Invokes 9/11 to Explain Bitcoin Threat

By CCN Markets: When Trump adviser Mike Pompeo addressed crypto regulation during a Tuesday morning interview, he claimed that he didn’t want to start a “viral moment.” However, at least one of his remarks threatens to spark some blowback from… Continue Reading →

Dow Risks Snapping Three-Day Win Streak as Bond Yields Dive

By CCN Markets: The Dow and broader U.S. stock market all turned lower on Tuesday, as heightened geopolitical tumult drove investors out of equities and into the perceived safety of government bonds. Dow Slides; S&P 500, Nasdaq Follow All of… Continue Reading →

Bitcoin May Plunge as It Prints a Familiar Bearish Structure

By CCN Markets: In technical analysis, a support area gets weaker every time the prices touches it. That’s because each tap drains the strength or the demand at the support. A good example of this principle is the bitcoin breakdown… Continue Reading →

HODL Bitcoin: Trump Signature Hikes National Debt by $1.7 Trillion

By CCN Markets: Donald Trump might not like bitcoin, but he’s doing an excellent job creating the economic conditions in which the leading cryptocurrency can thrive. Need proof? Just look at the US national debt, which crossed the $22 trillion… Continue Reading →

IMF Holds Private Blockchain Focused Advisory Meeting

[…] The post IMF Holds Private Blockchain Focused Advisory Meeting appeared first on CryptoCoinsNews.

Dow Rally Fizzles as Bulls Ignore Volcker Do-Over

By CCN Markets: The Dow Jones tracked sideways on Tuesday as the US stock market teetered toward its worst session in nearly a week. Beijing pushing back against Trump on Hong Kong definitely worsened sentiment, but it was the Fed… Continue Reading →

5 Insane Conspiracy Theories About That Bitcoin Twitter Scandal

By CCN Markets: Bitcoin maximalists feuding with altcoiners is not headline-worthy material. However, when a Twitter handle that boasts 1 million followers and previously pumped Bitcoin Cash suddenly deletes old anti-Bitcoin tweets and even links to in its profile,… Continue Reading →

Apple Arcade, the ‘Netflix for App Store Games’ Is a No-Brainer for $4.99

By CCN Markets: Apple, the Cupertino-based tech company that’s infamous of its extremely high price tags, is likely to release its ‘Netflix for App Store games’ Apple Arcade subscription at the consumer-friendly $4.99 monthly fee. Apple Arcade is a great… Continue Reading →

Facebook’s Libra Spooks China Into Rushing Central Bank ‘Crypto’

By CCN Markets: We now know the reason why China’s central bank appears to be rushing to issue its “cryptocurrency” as quickly as possible. Beijing, reports suggest, is worried that Facebook’s Libra “cryptocurrency” will launch first. Communist Party Mouthpiece: China… Continue Reading →

India’s Biggest Bank Plots Scary Debit Card Kill-Switch Similar to Crypto Ban

By CCN Markets: India’s largest bank, the State Bank of India (SBI), has announced an initiative yesterday in which the state-owned financial institution seeks to eliminate debit cards to promote digital transactions. In light of the SBI’s ambitious project, it… Continue Reading →

Dow Recovery Stagnates as Beijing Snipes at Trump

By CCN Markets: The Dow’s three-day recovery ran smack into a wall on Tuesday, as the stock market struggled to complete the long journey back from last week’s vicious 800 point DJIA plunge. Meanwhile, Beijing capped simmering optimism about US-China… Continue Reading →

Layoffs Perversely Bump U.S. Steel Stock 10% in Pre-Market Boost

By CCN Markets: News of impending layoffs at some U.S. Steel Corporation plants has been greeted warmly by the market. In pre-market hours, the price of the stock has gone up by over 10 percent to reach a unit price… Continue Reading →

Hitting This Key Area Could Trigger a Quick Bitcoin Price Boom

By CCN Markets: Since August 15, in less than five days, the bitcoin price (BTC) has increased from $9,500 to $10,700 by well over 12 percent against the U.S. dollar. At the day’s high, the bitcoin price spiked to as… Continue Reading →

Legendary Investor Bashes ‘Psycho-Currency’ Bitcoin, Then Accidentally Makes Crypto Case

By CCN Markets: Mark Mobius, the legendary emerging-markets investor and founder of Mobius Capital Partners, referred to bitcoin as a “psycho-currency” on Tuesday in an interview with Bloomberg. He claimed the rise of “faith-based” cyber-currencies would ultimately push investors towards… Continue Reading →

Google’s Stadia Console is Still Gaming’s Big Joke

By CCN Markets: Google revealed the Stadia, its mysterious gaming console/service earlier this year. Today, five months later,  Google hosted a new Stadia ‘connect’ event at Gamescom to reveal further details. Despite not many details emerging, or mainly because of… Continue Reading →

Gamescom 2019: Don’t Miss These 5 Amazing Xbox Announcements

By CCN Markets: The Inside Xbox team takes to the stage at Gamescom 2019 to make several major announcements. Gamescom, which takes place annually in Germany, is one of the biggest games industry events and has given Microsoft and Xbox… Continue Reading →

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