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AsicBoost Exploit Claims Put Bitmain in Hot Water

n n n n A vulnerability in Bitcoins proof-of-work system has enabled miners to save costs using so-called ASICBOOST technology.n

Spend your crypto balance on e-gift cards

Empowering Venezuelan families with GiveCrypto

Scaling & Developer Productivity

OkHttp & OAuth Token Refreshes

Single Sign On via Consensus

Watchlist lets you customize your dashboard

Instant PayPal withdrawals now available for all U.S. customers

Coinbase is for everyone,nCoinbase Pro is for experts

Powering a cryptocurrency economy for Syrian refugees

Humaniq Launches ICO, Moving to Next Phase in Their Project to Revolutionize Banking

n n n n A blockchain-based project Humaniq aimed at bringing banking services to the unbanked, is launching their Initial Coin Offering ICO on April 6th, which is planned to run up until April 26th.n

Matchpool Integrity In Question As Co-Founder Quits Over Funds Handling

n n n n Blockchain dating platform Matchpool has lost a co-founder after allegations that funds from its ICO were being poorly handled.n

Op Ed Bitcoin Is a Declaration of Our Monetary Independence

n nn nn Nick Spanos is an early adopter and innovator in the blockchain space. He is best known for launching Bitcoin Center NYC, the worlds first live cryptocurrency exchange, in 2013, right next to the New York Stock Exchange… Continue Reading →

US-Based Startup Ubitquity Brings Blockchain To Brazils Real Estate

n n n n Brazil is trialing Blockchain real estate ownership as part of a first-of-its-kind partnership with Ubitquity.n

The Lightning Network’s First ERC-20 to Bitcoin Atomic Swap Has Taken Place

n nn nn At the December 7, 2018, TenX Summit, a group of developers showcased an industry first an atomic swap on the Lightning Network between a non-native asset, TenXs PAY token, and a native asset, bitcoin.By non-native, the team… Continue Reading →

After $4M Funding Round, BlockFi Eyes Savings Account, Crypto Credit Cards

n nn nn BlockFihttps//, the New York-based startup that provides crypto collateralized loans, has raised additional funds to expand its services. The startup announced that it has received an additional $4 million in its recent funding round in a company… Continue Reading →

Finland Hands Over Info for 2,700 Danish Traders to Denmarks Tax Agency

n nn nn Finnish tax authorities have handed over information on 2,700 bitcoin traders to its Danish counterpart, Skattestyrelsen SKAT.According to a press release, the traders used an undisclosed Finnish exchange to collectively purchase and sell some $15.65 million worth… Continue Reading →

This New Lightning Wallet Allows You to Receive Tips Without Running a Node

n nn nn A new program to set up Lightning Network micropayments,, has recently entered beta testing.The developer for this project described some of its details on a Reddit thread to the r/Bitcoin subreddit. The dev says that it… Continue Reading →

Bitwala Is Offering German Citizens Joint Crypto and Fiat Banking Accounts

n nn nn German blockchain startup Bitwala has launched crypto banking in Germany.After securing 4 million roughly $4.5 million from VC firms Earlybird and Coparion in September of 2018 to develop a crypto banking solution, the company has allegedly amassed… Continue Reading →

Prosecutors Seek 10-Year Jail Sentence for Karpeles Over Mt. Gox Embezzlement

n nn nn Former Mt. Gox CEO Mark Karpeles has run into trouble in the Japanese legal system, and prosecutors are pursuing a 10-year jail sentence for alleged embezzlement during his tenure at Mt. Gox.According to a local Japanese news… Continue Reading →

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