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VeChain Price Surges 120% After Chinese Newspaper Mentions the Crypto

China’s largest newspaper refers to crypto asset VeChain as integral in the “From French Farms to Chinese Plates” food safety initiative. In a continuation of pro-blockchain sentiment, the People’s Daily publicize how blockchain is helping to restore consumer confidence in… Continue Reading →

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Sighting Downside Thrust Before Higher?

Bitcoin price is struggling to recover above $8,800 and $8,840 against the US Dollar. The price is slowly moving lower and it is likely to decline sharply below $8,600. Morning’s bearish trend line is active with resistance near $8,775 on… Continue Reading →

Creativity and Value Will Win the Cryptocurrency Exchange Wars

The American gold rush was marked by a host of hard times and a few sudden millionaires. Men gave up everything to travel to California in hopes of striking it rich. But the man who really struck it rich during… Continue Reading →

Bullish Sentiment Implies Bitcoin Price Needs to See Bigger Flush

If you’ve been on Crypto Twitter at all, you know of the Bitcoin “HODL” meme. For those living under a rock, here’s a quick explainer: HODL, a misspelling of “hold” first found on the (in)famous BitcoinTalk forum, has become a… Continue Reading →

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Eyeing Fresh Monthly Low Below $8.5K

Bitcoin price is trading in a downtrend below $8,800 and $9,000 against the US Dollar. The price is currently declining and it seems to be struggling near the $8,840 level. Yesterday’s major bearish trend line is active with resistance near… Continue Reading →

Positive Bitcoin Price Trend Expected as SEC Reviews Bitcoin ETF

Bitcoin price is again exhibiting an upward movement, thanks to the latest announcement made by the SEC regarding Bitcoin Exchange Traded Funds (ETF). The regulatory body had earlier last month rejected the listing of Bitcoin ETFs, almost putting an end… Continue Reading →

Libra Crypto Crumbles as Facebook Launches Alternative Payments Platform

Most of the angst against the crypto industry this year has been instigated by one company. The major economies of the world have collectively given the bird to Facebook and its plans on crypto domination through its own centralized digital… Continue Reading →

Crypto Market Cap And Bitcoin Under Pressure: BCH, BNB, EOS, TRX Analysis

The total crypto market cap is struggling to recover above the $235.0B resistance area. Bitcoin price is now trading well below the $9,000 and $8,960 resistance levels. EOS price is declining and it seems like it could revisit the $3.350… Continue Reading →

Ripple (XRP) Price Following Downtrend, Risk of Breakdown Persists

Ripple price is trading in a downtrend below the $0.2750 resistance against the US dollar. The price is facing a lot of hurdles on the upside near the $0.2740 and $0.2750 levels. This week’s crucial bearish trend line is intact… Continue Reading →

How Will CME Bitcoin Options Launch In 2 Months Affect BTC Prices?

Many have asserted that the first time Bitcoin futures were launched, a planned market crash followed. The exchange that launched those futures back in late 2017 is gearing up for more institutional products in two months’ time so what impact… Continue Reading →

Ethereum (ETH) Holding Key Support But For How Long?

Ethereum price is trading nicely above the key $182 and $180 support levels against the US Dollar. The price is currently facing many resistances such as $187, $188 and $190. Recently, there was a break above a connecting bearish trend… Continue Reading →

A Million Bank Users Ask For Their Money, is Crypto a Viable Alternative?

Almost one million customers of an Indian bank are currently without access to the money they deposited with the institution. The incident serves as yet another reminder of the shortcomings of the current banking system and the potential improvements offered… Continue Reading →

Bitcoin Fixes This: Top Bank Chief Says Monetary Policy is Failing

Representatives of the current financial system are inadvertently extolling the virtues of Bitcoin at a higher frequently than ever before. The latest is Deutsche Bank President Karl von Rohr, who states that current methods intended to stave off economic crisis… Continue Reading →

Early Bitcoin Adopter Supports Privacy Altcoin Grin

The crypto market was born from cypherpunks hoping to disrupt the current monopoly over finance, and offer the world additional options that favored privacy and freedom. Bitcoin was the first of its kind, but many altcoin projects have since followed… Continue Reading →

Road To Riches: The Ups and Downs Of Going All-In On Crypto

The promise of a disruptive, emerging technology that could entirely replace money as we know it, caused a digital age gold rush of investors hoping to strike it rich by buying crypto assets. One shining example of this was an… Continue Reading →

Canadian Bank Changes Bitcoin Tune, May Launch Cryptocurrency Exchange

The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) is exploring building a cryptocurrency trading platform for both investments and in-store/online purchases. This move would make the bank — the largest in Canada by market capitalization, with $661 billion CAD ($499 billion) in… Continue Reading →

Bitcoin Market Cycle: Is This Complacency, Or A New Hope?

All markets – such as Bitcoin – are cyclical and go through stages of peak euphoria before a correction brings investors back down to reality. Eventually, anger and depression kick in, and investors begin to fear the worst before the… Continue Reading →

Cardano Incentivized Testnet Snapshot Happened Today: Community Is Optimistic

After much delay, the Cardano (ADA) incentivized testnet finally rolls out today. At 12 noon UTC, a snapshot of balances in Daedalus and Yoroi wallets will kick off the staking process. And ADA holders will have the opportunity to earn… Continue Reading →

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Primed To Extend Losses Below $8.5K

Bitcoin price is declining and it is now trading below the $8,800 level against the US Dollar. The price is trading with a bearish angle and it is likely to tumble below $8,600 and $8,500. Today’s key bearish trend line… Continue Reading →

Bitcoin Volume Profile Suggests Rally to Bring Price Past $20,000 is Near

In June, Bitcoin (BTC) saw itself go through a spectacular blow-off top. In a few weeks, the cryptocurrency had shot up by 50%, leading to a number of predictions that this market would surpass its all-time high in months. Related… Continue Reading →

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