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Cryptocurrency News: Vitalik Buterin Doesn’t Care About Bitcoin ETFs

Cryptocurrency News While headline numbers look devastating this week, investors might take some solace in knowing that cryptocurrencies found their bottom at roughly $189.8 billion in market cap—that was the low point. Since then, investors put more than $20.0 billion… Continue Reading →

Cryptocurrency News: New Exchanges Could Boost Crypto Liquidity

Cryptocurrency News Even though the cryptocurrency news was upbeat in recent days, the market stumbled after the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) rejected calls for a Bitcoin (BTC) exchange traded fund (ETF). That news came as a blow… Continue Reading →

Cryptocurrency News: Bitcoin ETF Rejection, AMD Microchip Sales, and Hedge Funds

Cryptocurrency News Although cryptocurrency prices were heating up last week (Bitcoin, especially), regulators poured cold water on the rally by rejecting calls for a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF). This is the second time that the proposal fell on deaf ears…. Continue Reading →

Cryptocurrency News: What You Need to Know This Week

Cryptocurrency News Cryptocurrencies traded sideways since our last report on cryptos. However, I noticed something interesting when playing around with Yahoo! Finance’s cryptocurrency screener: There are profitable pockets in this market. Incidentally, Yahoo’s screener is far superior to the one… Continue Reading →

Cryptocurrency News: XRP Validators, Malta, and Practical Tokens

Cryptocurrency News & Market Summary Investors finally saw some light at the end of the tunnel last week, with cryptos soaring across the board. No one quite knows what kicked off the rally—as it could have been any of the… Continue Reading →

Cryptocurrency News: Bitcoin ETFs, Andreessen Horowitz, and Contradictions in Crypto

Cryptocurrency News This was a bloody week for cryptocurrencies. Everything was covered in red, from Ethereum (ETH) on down to the Basic Attention Token (BAT). Some investors claim it was inevitable. Others say that price manipulation is to blame. We… Continue Reading →

Cryptocurrency News: Looking Past the Bithumb Crypto Hack

Another Crypto Hack Derails Recovery Since our last report, hackers broke into yet another cryptocurrency exchange. This time the target was Bithumb, a Korean exchange known for high-flying prices and ultra-active traders. While the hackers made off with approximately $31.5… Continue Reading →

Cryptocurrency News: This Week on Bitfinex, Tether, Coinbase, & More

Cryptocurrency News On the whole, cryptocurrency prices are down from our previous report on cryptos, with the market slipping on news of an exchange being hacked and a report about Bitcoin manipulation. However, there have been two bright spots: 1)… Continue Reading →

Ripple Price Forecast: XRP vs SWIFT, SEC Updates, and More

Ripple vs SWIFT: The War Begins While most criticisms of XRP do nothing to curb my bullish Ripple price forecast, there is one obstacle that nags at my conscience. Its name is SWIFT. The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication… Continue Reading →

Cryptocurrency Price Forecast: Trust Is Growing, But Prices Are Falling

Trust Is Growing… Before we get to this week’s cryptocurrency news, analysis, and our cryptocurrency price forecast, I want to share an experience from this past week. I was at home watching the NBA playoffs, trying to ignore the commercials,… Continue Reading →

Ethereum Price Forecast: Big Corporate Moves Could Bolster ETH Prices

Crypto Rally Slows Down As I write this report, cryptocurrency prices are in the middle of a vicious tug of war between the bulls and the bears. And the bears are winning right now. Most, if not all, of our… Continue Reading →

Ripple Price Prediction: xRapid Shows Success, But SEC Still Holds Power

XRP Prices Hang in the Balance Ripple bears like to claim that XRP “serves no purpose” in its technology, but recent success with the “xRapid” software says otherwise. That—plus the continual “Is XRP a security?” debate—drove Ripple prices round and… Continue Reading →

The Epic Relation Between Bitcoin and the Stock Market

Bitcoin Prices Are Less Independent Than You Think Inside the world of cryptocurrencies, some truths go unquestioned: 1) centralization is terrible, 2) fixed money supplies are great, 3) cryptocurrencies are uncorrelated from stocks. The last “truth” is now in question…. Continue Reading →

Cryptocurrency Price Forecast: What You Need to Know This Week

Cryptocurrency Rally Holds Strong Rallies are important, but holding a rally is even more important. Thankfully, that’s what cryptocurrencies have done over the last two weeks. Our favorites either stuck close to their previous levels or they exploded to the… Continue Reading →

Ripple Price Forecast: Has the Much-Awaited XRP Rally Started?

XRP Prices: Patience Is Warranted 2017 was a great year for investors, where the market environment was characterized by a constant barrage of new all-time highs, low volatility, and a number of high-flying sectors taking center stage. 2018 is turning… Continue Reading →

Litecoin Price Forecast: “Tokyo Whale” Continues to Drive Crypto Sell-Off

Litecoin News Update Remember when hackers broke into the Mt. Gox exchange? That security breach—which took place several years ago and resulted in the loss of billions in Bitcoin—continues to roil cryptocurrency markets to this day. In order to understand… Continue Reading →

Ripple Price Prediction: Debate Over XRP Designation Heats Up

Ripple News Update Although XRP prices are flashing red this morning, Ripple is actually net positive for the weekend. From its Friday lows to the time of this writing, the XRP to USD exchange rate advanced 5.55%. But that’s not… Continue Reading →

Ethereum Price Forecast: G20 Regulations Would at Least Bring Certainty

Ethereum News Update Investors tend to panic when international organizations talk about cryptocurrency regulation, but is that really the nightmare scenario? What we have at the moment seems worse. With each country or state striking its own path on crypto regulation,… Continue Reading →

Ripple Price Prediction: What an ICO Says About XRP Independence

Ripple News Update The myth of Ripple controlling the XRP Ledger has haunted XRP prices for years, but an upcoming initial coin offering (ICO) might shift those perceptions. What am I talking about? Well, a small Brazilian company called Allvor… Continue Reading →

Litecoin Price Prediction: Litecoin Grossly Undervalued Compared to Ripple and Bitcoin Cash

Daily Litecoin News Update We’re inching closer and closer to seeing Charlie Lee’s prediction coming true this year. The probability of the “flappening” (Litecoin’s market value surpassing that of Bitcoin Cash’s) has touched its all-time high in the recent week… Continue Reading →

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