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CryptoDredge 0.17.0 Nvidia Miner With A Number of New Algorithms Supported

The latest CryptoDredge Nvidia GPU miner version 0.17.0 comes with added support for a few new algorithms such as CryptoNightTurtle and CryptonightGPU as well as the Cuckaroo29 algorithm used by Grin and CuckooCycle algorithm for Aeternity. Since Grin is getting… Continue Reading →

Bminer 15.0 With Improved Support for the Cuckatoo31 Algorithm

The latest Bminer 15.0 has finally fixed support for Cuckatoo31 on the 11GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti GPUs under Windows and now also introduces support for 8GB video cards for Cuckatoo31, but not yet under Windows 10 (Windows 7… Continue Reading →

Bitmain Has Announced New 7nm BM1397 ASIC chip for SHA256 Mining

Bitmain has just announced its next generation 7nm ASIC chip called BM1397 that is apparently capable of great performance and energy efficiency for mining cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH), that use the SHA256 algorithm for their… Continue Reading →

Ethereum’s (ETH) Next Hardfork is Coming at the End of February

The much anticipated Constantinople hardfork of Ethereum was initially planned for the middle of January, however a serious bug was discovered shortly before the time of the fork, so it was postponed. The new date for for Ethereum’s latest network… Continue Reading →

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) Guide by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has released official guide regarding crypto Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) in order to help both investors and professionals interested in participating or starting such a project. Companies and individuals are increasingly considering initial… Continue Reading →

TradingView With Special Big Discount for Crypto Traders

TradingView has a special offer for crypto traders – you can now get their full-fledged Premium plan priced at 0.09 BTC and that is -53% discount off the regular price of the premium service access for traders compared to paying… Continue Reading →

New lolMiner 0.7 alpha5 AMD GPU Miner With NiceHash BEAM Support

The latest update of the AMD GPU miner lolMiner 0.7 alpha5 brings support for BEAM (Equihash 150,5 algorithm) on NiceHash giving access to AMD miners to sell their hashrate on the platform. In the last day the most profitable hashrate… Continue Reading →

AMD Radeon VII (gfx906) Delivers ~90 MHS Ethash Out of the Box

The new AMD Radeon VII (gfx906) GPUs are about to start hitting the market any moment now with a recommended end user price of $699 USD in USA or 739 EURO in EU. We just got a tip that these… Continue Reading →

Bminer 14.2.0 With Experimental Cuckatoo31 GRIN Support for GTX 1080 Ti

The latest Bminer 14.2.0 has just been released with experimental support for Cuckatoo31 (C31) algorithm being used by GRIN for Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti GPUs with claimed performance of up to about 0.90 G/s on GTX 1080 Ti with… Continue Reading →

Trying Crypto Mining with a Dual CPU E5 Second Hand Servers

The enterprise segment is constantly upgrading their hardware and this fuels the second hand market with interesting and very affordable yet pretty powerful hardware that can also be used for crypto mining. The latest wave of hardware getting replaced and… Continue Reading →

GMiner CUDA Equihash Miner v1.31 With a Support for Grin’s Cuckatoo31 Algorithm

The latest GMiner version 1.31 brings an important update for everyone interested in Grin mining, namely support for Grin’s Cuckatoo31 algorithm to Windows miners as previously the C31 algo was only available with the official Grin miner for Linux and… Continue Reading →

NiceHash Now With Support for Grin and Lyra2REv3 (VTC)

After the recent addition of BEAM (Equihash 150,5) support on NiceHash the service for selling and buying mining hashrate has become more active and has just added two (three) more new algorithms – CuckARoo29 and CuckAToo31 used by GRIN and… Continue Reading →

GMiner CUDA Equihash Miner v1.27 With a Fix for NiceHash BEAM Support

GMiner has been updated a lot recently with fixes and improvements and the latest version 1.26 is not an exception as it apparently tires to fix the BEAM mining support on NiceHash that has recently been introduced. Initially when NiceHash… Continue Reading →

GMiner CUDA Equihash Miner v1.26 With a Fix for NiceHash BEAM Support

GMiner has been updated a lot recently with fixes and improvements and the latest version 1.26 is not an exception as it apparently tires to fix the BEAM mining support on NiceHash that has recently been introduced. Initially when NiceHash… Continue Reading →

New ccminer 2.3.1 from Tpruvot with Lyra2REv3 Support and More

It has been a quite a while since the last update of tpruvot’s ccminer fork (source), but there it is a new version 2.3.1 available now that comes with support for Lyra2REv3, sha256q, exosis and Blake2b standard algorithms. The official… Continue Reading →

Latest Bminer 14.1.0 and NBMiner 14.0 With Massive BTM Improvement on Nvidia RTX GPUs

The latest releases of Bminer 14.1.0 and NBMiner 14.0 have announced pretty impressive performance increases regarding Bytom (BTM) mining hashrate on the new Nvidia RTX series of GPUs with up to about 200% boost, so a significant improvement indeed. This… Continue Reading →

BEAM (Equihash 150,5) Support is Now Available on NiceHash

NiceHash hasn’t added new algorithms for a while now with ZHash being the last new addition in early December last year, so it is interesting that they have added support for BEAM now. This is both good and bad news… Continue Reading →

New Braiins OS Cobalt Release With Manual Fan Control Available

The Braiins OS is an alternative opensource OS for Bitcoin ASIC miners and more specifically for Antminer S9 and DragonMint T1 with support for AsicBoost. The initial release was not that easy to install and use, but looked very promising,… Continue Reading →

JCE Cryptonote CPU+GPU Miner for AMD-based GPU Mining Rigs

When we are talking about Cryptonote (Cryptonight) miners for AMD GPUs our preferred miner is SRBMiner due to the large range of supported variations and features, however there is a good competitor available and that one is called JCE Cryptonote… Continue Reading →

New Faster Open Source sgminer Fork With MTP Support From djm43

There is now a new sgminer fork with MTP support being actively developed by djm34 (source) that looks promising, though it might need some more extra work for becoming more stable stable and reliable. Performance results on AMD RX 580… Continue Reading →

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