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New lolMiner 0.8 OpenCL GPU Miner With Cuckatoo 31 Support

The latest update of the AMD GPU miner lolMiner 0.8 brings support for the Cuckatoo 31 algorithm used by Grin, for GPUs with either 4GB and 8GB video memory (lower memory mens less performance) for Windows and Linux. To mine… Continue Reading →

Innosilicon G32 GRIN ASIC Miners Now Up for Pre-order

The ASIC manufacturer Innosilicon has announced the specifications for their upcoming GRIN ASIC miner and surprisingly it will not be just one device, but three different models instead… similar to the offerings of their competitor Obelisk. If you though that… Continue Reading →

AMD Memory Tweak Tool for Changing Memory Timings On the Fly For Windows

The very useful AMD Memory Tweak Tool that was initially only available for Linux is now also available as a beta for Windows users as well. With the help of the free and open source software from Evilop you can… Continue Reading →

New Innosilicon A6+ LTC Master 2.2 GHS Scrypt ASIC Miner

Litecoin (LTC) has been doing pretty well lately and no wonder that with the returning user interest in one of the oldest altcoins out there, ASIC manufacturers are also trying to attract new customers for their improved mining hardware. Here… Continue Reading →

Bminer 15.5.0 With Added Support for Dual-mining ETH and VBK

The latest Bminer 15.5.0 comes with another interesting dual-mining feature that has attracted our attention, namely dual-mining Ethereum (ETH) and VeriBlock (VBK), meaning that you can mine any Ethash coin together with the vBlake2 algorithm used by VBK. The new… Continue Reading →

Obelisk GRN1 ASIC Miners for GRIN Up For Pre-Sale

Obelisk may have started with SIA and Decred ASIC miners, but they are apparently planning to extend their offers with new GRIN ASIC miners for this year. The company has announced the start of a pre-sale for their new GRN1… Continue Reading →

New GMiner v1.38 With Additional Improvements For Wider GPU Support

The latest two versions of GMiner 1.37 and 1.38 have increased the supported range of GPUs over what the miner was capable of running on regarding Grin, Swap and Aeternity mining as well as some additional algorithms now also supported… Continue Reading →

CryptoDredge 0.18.0 Nvidia Miner With Argon2d Support and New Features

It has been a while since the last release CryptoDredge 0.17.0 was made available to Nvidia GPU miners, but here comes the new CryptoDredge 0.18.0 and it brings some new and useful features on the table. The new version brings… Continue Reading →

GrinPurse and GrinPlusPlus Open Source GRIN GUI Wallets for Windows

One of the major issues with the GRIN project has been resolved – the lack of an easy to use GUI wallet for Windows users… and there is more than one option available. The design of the Grin project does… Continue Reading →

New NBMiner 21.4 With More Improvements for Grin29 and Grin31

The newest NBMiner 21.4 update comes with further improvement in the performance for Grin31 mining (Cuckatoo31 algorithm), though slight one from what we are seeing, the miner is still probably the fastest Nvidia GPU miner for Cuckatoo31. There is also… Continue Reading →

Mining VeriBlock (VBK) on AMD and Nvidia GPU Mining Rigs

The VeriBlock (VBK) project has recently launched its mainnet after a long period of testing and has just finished an IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) on the Bittrex exchange with all coins available in it sold in just about 10 seconds,… Continue Reading →

The Latest Brave Browser Beta Features Brave Ads for Testing

The latest Brave Browser Beta apparently features Brave Ads available for testing (the Beta version of the browser is a separate install and will not affect an existing installation of the official Brave browser if already installed!). After activating Brave… Continue Reading →

Blackminer F1 Mini is an Upcoming Single Chip FPGA Miner

Blackminer F1 Mini is a new single-chip FPGA miner from Hashaltcoin that supports the same large number of crypto algorithms as their larger multi-chip Blackmienr F1 and Blackminer F1+ FPGA mining devices. The new Blackminer F1 Mini FPGA miner is… Continue Reading →

New 31 THS Canaan Avalon A10 Bitcoin ASIC Miner is Coming

Canaan Creative has announced heir second generation 7nm AvalonMiner ASIC – the A10 that should be capable of delivering 31 THS SHA256 hashrate with 1736W of power usage (56 W/THS energy efficiency). The 30 THS efficiency with 1700 Watts of… Continue Reading →

Bminer 15.4.0 With Improved Performance for Cuckaroo29 / Aeternity

The latest Bminer 15.4.0 comes with improved performance for Cuckaroo29 and Aeternity algorithms as well as improved compatibility on Windows. There is a new experimental flag –fast to improve the performance for Cuckaroo29 / Aeternity, but it might lead to… Continue Reading →

An Easy Way to Keep Track of Current ASIC Miner Profitability

If you are into ASIC mining and not GPU mining then there are a whole lot different things you need to take into account, because ASIC miners are usually limited to just one crypto algorithm (there are some that support… Continue Reading →

Genesis Mining is Back With DASH (X11) Cloud Mining Offers

The last year or so was tough for all miners, including companies that were offering cloud mining hashrate such as Genesis Mining and their customers as well. It seems however things are getting back on track for mining as there… Continue Reading →

Innosilicon Taking Pre-Orders for its G32 GRIN ASIC Miner

Innosilicon G32 Grin ASIC Miner is what seems to be the world’s first ASIC miner that is intended to support GRIN’s Cuckatoo31/32 algorithms. The device is apparently still in development with even the exact specifications not yet announced,though that does… Continue Reading →

AMD Memory Tweak Tool for Changing Memory Timings On the Fly Under Linux

There is a new interesting tool released by Eliovp for modifying the video memory timings of AMD GPUs on the fly, so no need to modify and reflash the GPU BIOS anymore to do so. The not so good news… Continue Reading →

New Innosilicon Equihash A9++ ZMaster ASIC Miner

It seems that not only Bitmain it getting back in the game with a more powerful Equihash ASIC miner, but Innosilicon also has a new offer for such device. The new Innosilicon Equihash A9++ ZMaster is the successor of their… Continue Reading →

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