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Character Assassins for Hire: The Story Behind the ASICBoost & Extension Blocks Scandal

Bitcoin has a problem; the demand for Bitcoin far outweighs the bandwidth of transaction throughput that the network can sustain. The Bitcoin “highway” is constrained at 1MB per block, or one single analogous lane, which permits a “speed limit” of… Continue Reading →

BlockFi Launches Platform to Expose Institutional Investors to Cryptocurrency

BlockFi, a cryptocurrency lending startup, has launched BlockFi Institutional Services, a platform designed to give institutional investors such as market-makers, hedge funds, exchanges and family offices exposure to financing solutions for digital assets, according to a BitcoinMagazine report on October… Continue Reading →

Education and Blockchain: How Universities Utilize Immutability to Enhance Data Integrity

Blockchains have showcased they have that capability to transform entire industries by minimizing the requirement for human trust and instead rely on immutable data. Education is an underpenetrated sector with regards to distributed ledgers, but this is quickly changing as… Continue Reading →

Banco Santander Transforming Madrid with DLT

Spanish bank Banco Santander has launched a $20 million bond on the blockchain. The financial institution has also partnered with the Madrid City Council to develop a blockchain-powered application that will enable citizens to pay transport fare from a unified… Continue Reading →

Cryptocurrency Dash Exhibits Real-World Application Through Venezuela Adoption

Dash is one of the lesser recognized privacy coins but has exhibited some of the strongest use cases and adoption metrics. Despite more popularity residing with ZCash and Monero, Dash has progressed incredibly well. Cryptobuyer, a Latin American exchange and… Continue Reading →

Microsoft Drives Forward with the Blockchain: BTCManager’s Week in Review April 24

Microsoft has announced a new Plugin for Office10 that makes it possible to store a hash of documents on the blockchains of Bitcoin and Ethereum Classic. With this, you can prove the authenticity of any document – without the need… Continue Reading →

European Regulators won’t Oppose Stablecoins but Double-Down on Libra Warning

Benoit Coeure, a French economist and executive director on the ECB, believes now is the time to step up the weight of regulation for digital currencies. As per Bloomberg, Coeure believes Bitcoin and other major FinTech innovations were being closely… Continue Reading →

Binance Futures Introduces 125x Cryptocurrency Trading Leverage

In a blog post published October 18, 2019, Malta-based cryptocurrency exchange Binance announced that it is increasing the platform’s maximum trading leverage to 125x in addition to launching a leverage adjustment function. Binance Futures Increases Leverage Trading Cap In an… Continue Reading →

Meet Steve Li, Council Member of the NEM Foundation

After graduating from Tsinghua University with a degree in Engineering and Physics majoring in nuclear science, Steve started his career as a manager in the operations management department at CITIC Security. He worked mainly in the traditional finance and FinTech… Continue Reading →

Pavel Durov Warns Telegram Backers of Financial Reprecussions if Launch Not Delayed

Telegram Founder and CEO Pavel Durov has warned investors that refusing to delay the launch to April 30, 2020, will result in investors receiving only 77 percent of their funds back. If investors insist on getting their money released by… Continue Reading →

Egretia Educational Series 8: What Games Can You Develop on Egretia?

As we took a long journey through the different parts of the ecosystem, we can now start dreaming what games are possible to develop inside the blockchain gaming world of Egretia. Nothing will be too crazy. Let’s explore it together!… Continue Reading →

CFTC Crush Fraudulent Crypto-Powered Binary Options Scheme

The United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has taken action against Circle Society, Corp and its founder, David Gilbert Saffron for defrauding people through a Ponzi scheme disguised as a bitcoin-powered $11 million binary options trading project. The team… Continue Reading →

CoinMarketCap Launches Tool to Discern Best Interest Rates

Cryptocurrency data provider CoinMarketCap has enabled a new tool on its website for users to find out the best interest rate on each platform to earn a lending yield. With the advent of DeFi, more and more people are looking… Continue Reading →

IMF To Warn Central Banks That Payment Narratives are Shifting Away From Them

Central bankers and finance ministers are set to come together for the World Bank annual meeting, and the IMF has some strong advice for them: regulate digital currencies or watch your monetary monopoly lose power. Sources at Bloomberg believe the IMF has… Continue Reading →

Ripple (XRP) Venture Capital Arm Invest in Towo Labs 

XPring, an initiative by Ripple blockchain project which aims to invest in, incubate and provide grants to XRP-focused projects, has invested an undisclosed amount in Towo Labs, a project that develops open-source software that facilitates the integration of XRP into… Continue Reading →

What Crypto Wild West? CipherTrace Claims Market is 87% Trackable

Per a press release on Business Wire on October 15, 2019, cryptocurrency and blockchain security company, CipherTrace, recently launched a platform that would trace the transactions of over 700 crypto tokens. The expanded platform helps investors, law enforcement agencies, and… Continue Reading →

Ford Extends Blockchain-Based Energy-Efficiency Pilot Project to Cologne, Germany

U.S.-based automobiles firm Ford announced that it would use distributed ledger technology (DLT) and geofencing to keep track of “green miles” driven by its newly-launched energy-efficient vehicles, October 15, 2019, Tracking “Green Miles” Via Blockchain In a press release issued… Continue Reading →

Bitcoin and Ether Market Update: October 17, 2019

Total crypto market cap lost $6.2 billion of its value since Monday, October 14 and now stands at $217.3 billion. Top ten coins are all in red for the last 24 hours with Bitcoin SV (BSV) and Litecoin (LTC) being… Continue Reading →

Wales Plans Digital Currency Launch, BoE Governor Views Cryptocurrencies like Libra as Payment System Solutions

Bank of England Governor Mark Carney has thrown his weight behind Facebook’s global cryptocurrency project dubbed Libra. The has opined that blockchain-based virtual currencies have the power tix the challenges associated with traditional payments systems, reports The Star on October… Continue Reading →

Bitstop Installs First Bitcoin ATM at Miami International Airport

In a press release issued October 15, 2019, Miami-based fintech startup Bitstop announced that it has installed Miami International Airport’s first Bitcoin ATM. With this, customers will now be able to easily buy and sell the premier cryptocurrency for cash… Continue Reading →

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