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U.K Brokerage Firm TP ICAP to Trade Bitcoin Derivatives

According to a Bloomberg article published on June 17, 2019, financial services firm TP ICAP is set to enter the cryptocurrency industry starting with offering cash-settled futures contracts on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME). Another Finance Firm Forays into the… Continue Reading →

BitTorrent’s Bram Cohen Now CEO of Chia Network

Chia Network, a distributed ledger technology (DLT) that claims to be focused on creating a “green” cryptocurrency that is less wasteful and more decentralized, has announced Bram Cohen, the creator of TRON’s (TRX) BitTorrent  as its new chief executive, according… Continue Reading →

Parity Launches the First Alternative Zcash Client  

Zcash (ZEC), the privacy-centric distributed ledger technology (DLT) based digital asset created by Zooko Wilcox in 2016, has announced the release of Zebra, the first Zcash client written entirely in the Rust programming language. Rust is developed by Parity Technologies… Continue Reading →

Ripple Partners with MoneyGram for Cross Border Payments

Days after the launch of Visa’s cross border payment system, MoneyGram has partnered with Ripple to facilitate cross border payments with XRP. Ripple has agreed to provide $50 million in exchange for equity over two years, June 17, 2019. Seamless… Continue Reading →

Unstoppable Domains Set to Auction 60 Blockchain-based Domains

Unstoppable Domains, a software firm that builds blockchain-based domains which host uncensorable websites, has released a list of 60 .zil domains it plans to auction off on June 27, 2019, according to a press release on June 17, 2019. The… Continue Reading →

Report: Bitcoin Works as a Hedge For Economic Freedom

Grayscale Investments has released their latest research report, highlighting the importance of self-sustaining and uncontrollable money to stop governments from curbing a person’s right to move their own money. Key examples come from Greek banking crises and China’s dirty floating… Continue Reading →

Canada: Pharmacy Firm to Track Medical Cannabis on Blockchain

According to a Bloomberg report published on June 17, 2019, Canadian pharmacy chain Shoppers Drug Mart has inked a business deal with distributed ledger technology (DLT) startup TruTrace Technologies to launch a pilot program to track the supply chain of… Continue Reading →

South African Raking in $155,000 a Day Suspected of Running a Ponzi Scheme

A South African man running a Bitcoin investment fund in KwaZulu- Natal is suspected to be running a Ponzi scheme, as early investors have seen huge returns. The man was unwilling to talk to local media about his business plan… Continue Reading →

Breez Releases iOS App to Further Lightning Adoption

Breez, a non-custodial wallet solution for the Lightning network, has launched its app for iOS with the intention of offering their full stack of services to the masses. The company believes the Bitcoin network will draw the most mainstream adoption,… Continue Reading →

RippleNet Expands Network in Asia by Adding Korean Payment Group Coinone

SBI-Ripple Asia, a joint venture of SBI Holdings and the United States Ripple company, expands its network in Asia. Coinone Transfer, a payments business and a subsidiary of Coinone, a major digital currency exchange of South Korea, joined RippleNet, a… Continue Reading →

Facebook Releases Libra Cryptocurrency Whitepaper; Crypto Community Reacts

On June 18, 2019, Facebook released the whitepaper of its highly-anticipated Libra cryptocurrency project, which is tipped to transform the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry forever. Libra Whitepaper According to the technical document, “Libra” will operate on Facebook’s in-house blockchain network… Continue Reading →

Circle, Coinbase, and Huobi Executives to Meet at G20 for Clarity on Crypto Regulation

Leaders of top crypto ventures including Circle, Coinbase, bitFlyer, Kraken, and Huobi will convene in Osaka, Japan, later this month to interact with policymakers and central bank executives of the countries of the G20 forum. This, according to a report… Continue Reading →

Venezuelans Set Bitcoin Trading Record amid Crumbling Hyperinflation

According to data released by crypto monitoring website Coin Dance for the week ending June 15, 2019, economically troubled country Venezuela witnessed all-time high bitcoin (BTC) trading activity on P2P exchange platform Localbitcoins. Venezuelans Turn to Bitcoin to Battle Hyperinflation… Continue Reading →

Blockchain Projects in the EU to Benefit from Publicly Available Data 

The Council of European Union, the institution representing the member states’ government, has implemented new rules that will promote the use of publicly held data. These will include real-time datasets pertaining to weather and transportation and will be in blockchain… Continue Reading →

Binance Announces Launch of Bitcoin-Pegged Token (BTCB)

According to a blog post on the Binance website on June 17, 2019, the cryptocurrency exchange giant announced plans to launch BTCB, their Bitcoin-pegged token. The pairing is the beginning of a string of similar crypto-pegged BEP2 token pairs for… Continue Reading →

100 Japanese Firms Adopt Blockchain Technology for Data Sharing  

In a bid to bolster performance and improve efficiency, 100 Japanese manufacturers, including industry lead Mitsubishi Electric, have agreed to use distributed ledger technology (DLT) in sharing production data, according to a Nikkei report on June 17, 2019.   Strategic… Continue Reading →

28 Ethereum EIPs Are Preparing for Istanbul Hardfork

Ethereum’s developers are working to deploy another hard fork called Istanbul. At the moment, there are 28 proposals (EIPs), which include changes to the mining algorithm, code execution, pricing mechanism, and data storage process. Improvements on Mining and Network Fees… Continue Reading →

Icelandic Financial Watchdog Approves E-Money Startup Monerium

Iceland’s financial watchdog, the Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA) on June 14, 2019, approved Reykjavik-based fintech startup Monerium as the country’s first e-money institution. Iceland Backs Digitization of Money Iceland’s national currency, the Icelandic krona (ISK), is set to become Europe’s… Continue Reading →

Poland’s Bank Alior Adopts Ethereum Smart Contracts Blockchain

Alior Bank, the 10th largest bank in Poland, has launched a document verification system based on the Ethereum network, to enable its customers to seamlessly check on the authentication and integrity of official documents, according to a Forbes report on… Continue Reading →

Derivative Guide: Choosing the Right Contract Based on Trading Strategy

Financial markets have a plethora of derivative contracts that each serve their own distinct purpose. Futures and options are widely known contract standards that run on exchanges, but most forex traders are more familiar with CFD’s – an easier way… Continue Reading →

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