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Electronics Giant Samsung Prioritizes Blockchain in 10-Year Roadmap

By CCN Markets: Samsung Electronics vice chairman Jay Y. Lee has revealed a marked focus in future technologies – part of its 10-year strategy – with a focus on blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), and 6G. Lee, who is often seen… Continue Reading →

Bitcoin Price Storms 151% YTD as Facebook’s Libra Boosts 2019 Rally

By CCN Markets: Bitcoin is up more than 151 percent against the U.S. dollar year-to-date at $9,300, surpassing most assets and stock indices in the likes of Nasdaq 100 and S&P 500 with ease in six-month performance. With the block… Continue Reading →

‘A Clear Threat’: Big Four Australian Bank Fears Facebook’s Crypto Libra

By CCN Markets: Facebook’s foray into cryptocurrencies with Libra has met with a ton of mixed reactions. While some are going gaga over the social media giant’s latest effort that’s supposed to enable cross-border payments at the tap of a… Continue Reading →

Facebook Libra’s Stark Reminder: Mass Regulation Before Mass Bitcoin Adoption

By CCN Markets: As expected, the US government has an interest in Facebook’s Libra project. The biggest regulatory organization in the world is sure to take notice when the world’s largest social network moves into the world of banking and… Continue Reading →

Cryptocurrency Investment Cues From the South Seas Bubble

A warning from history what the South Seas Bubble of the 1700s can teach us about the current craze for ICOs.nSource

John McAfee Trolls Winklevii on Bitcoin, Says Cameron Is ‘True Power’

By CCN Markets: You might think that Tyler Winklevoss has gotten ahead of himself by predicting the bitcoin price could cross $15,000 if it surpasses the $10,000 level. That is unless your name is John McAfee, in which case that… Continue Reading →

Bond King Says Trump Might Drop Out of 2020 Election if Economy Falters

By CCN Markets: Even though Donald Trump kicked off his 2020 presidential campaign last night in Florida in front of a crowd of roughly 20,000, Wall Street isn’t entirely convinced that he’s committed. Jeffrey Gundlach, who is nicknamed the Bond… Continue Reading →

Facebook Contractor: “It’s Like a Sweatshop in America” – One Contractor has Died & Many Fear for Their Lives

By CCN Markets: An exposé published at revealed at least one Facebook moderation center is akin to a third world sweatshop. This should come as no surprise given what we already know about Facebook’s company culture. Facebook Whistleblowers Step… Continue Reading →

Ethereum 2.0s Phase Zero Scheduled to Launch on January 3, 2020 Devs

n Ethereums 2.0 phase zero is planned for launch on January 3, 2020 according to a recent developers calln

Brazil Requires Crypto Exchanges to Report on User Transactions to Authorities

n Brazil’s federal revenue service now requires that crypto exchanges report on users transactionsn

Malaysia Launches Work Visa Program for Blockchain Tech Professionals

n Malaysia has rolled out a work visa program that enables tech specialists to work for local blockchain companiesn

CME Open Interest in Bitcoin Futures Contracts Hit All-Time High

n Open interest in CME Bitcoin futures contracts are reportedly at an all time high, possibly due to increasing institutional-level investmentsn

Have We Reached Peak Binance?

By CCN Markets: Ah, Binance. Many of us remember the original idea. Plenty of us decided to pass on the ICO, which has provided some of the highest returns of any investment in recent times. ICO To King of Crypto… Continue Reading →

Uber’s “Crypto” Libra Support Could Be The End of The Giant

By CCN Markets: There’s a lot of irony in Uber’s lack of crypto acceptance contrasted with its support of Facebook’s Libra project. The company will play a vital role in the early stages of the network, and presumably, it will be… Continue Reading →

– Dow Could Top 30,000 Soon, Impending Recession is “Greatly Exaggerated”

By CCN Markets: The stock market has been booming, so don’t be surprised if the Dow soars to 30,000 within the next 12 months. That’s the bullish projection of several Wall Street veterans, including Skybridge Capital’s Troy Gayeski. Gayeski is… Continue Reading →

Web Server Security Firm Cloudflare Announces Launch of Ethereum Gateway

n Web server security service company Cloudflare has launched an Ethereum gatewayn

Visa Set to Join the Expanding Field of Blockchain-Based International Payment Providers

n Visa joins the ranks of mainstream payment giants creating blockchain-powered settlements infrastructure for cross-border transactions among institutional clientsn

Bitcoin Holds $9,100 Support While Top 20 Coins Trade Sideways

n Bitcoin is trading above $9,100 threshold, while most of the top 20 coins by market cap are trading sidewaysn

MetLifes LumenLab Using Blockchain to Automate Life Insurance Claims

n MetLife subsidiary LumenLab is using blockchain technology to automate life insurance claimsn

Blockchain Firm Algorand Raises $60 Million in New Token Sale

n Digital currency and transactions platform Algorand raises $60 million in recent token salen

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