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The Devcon5 Bible

Important Things to Know – Welcome to Devcon. We’ve got a lot to cover, and in this post you’ll read about it all! Read closely as we go over transit to the venue from Osaka’s airports, the Devcon Venue, the… Continue Reading →

Devcon5 Schedule, Sponsors and Speakers are online NOW!

Devcon season is finally here. Days from now, Devcon participants from across the world will begin to make their way to Osaka, and as we approach the final countdown, we’ve made number BIG online releases at! We invite everyone… Continue Reading →

Eth2 Interop in Review

Eth2 Interop in Review Last week, seven of the eight Eth2 clients under active development succeeded in marking the major milestone of moving from single-client to multi-client testnets at the “Interop Lock-in”. With this exciting success in Eth2 development, we… Continue Reading →

Live: Devcon5 Final Ticket Appeals

This is it: Final appeals are the last way to book your ticket to Osaka for Devcon 5 Note: All participants in the on-chain Devcon Ticket Raffle and Auction will receive an NFT-ticket to Devcon5! In the next days, your… Continue Reading →

Devcon On-Chain Raffle & Auction Participants

Ticket distribution details are here! – With the the first-ever on-chain Devcon ticket distributions now behind us, it’s time to talk ticket distribution for all participants! First, we’d like to offer a sincere “Thank you” to everyone that participated in… Continue Reading →

Announcing Ethereum Foundation and Co-Funded Grants

We are today unveiling over $2M USD in Foundation-led and co-funded grant funding aimed at furthering Serenity (Eth2.0) development as we move nearer to the launch of the Beacon Chain. Eth2.0 Client Grants In recent months, the Ethereum Foundation granted… Continue Reading →

Devcon5 On-Chain Ticket Sale

Over the last few months, we’ve been coordinating with the talented team over at Ether.Cards to bring an NFT-based on-chain ticketing solution to the Ethereum community in time for Devcon5. This experiment will take place in two parts, with a… Continue Reading →

Translating Ethereum for our Global Community

This post is available in several langauges: 你好,世界 | 为我们的全球社区翻译 안녕하세요 | 글로벌 커뮤니티를 위한 번역 프로젝트 ハロー ワールド | グローバル コミュニティのために を翻訳 Привет всем! | Перевод сайта для нашего глобального сообщества Hallo Welt | Übersetzung… Continue Reading →

Announcing the Devcon Scholars Program

Welcome! The Devcon Scholars Program is an Ethereum Foundation initiative designed to provide an opportunity for Ethereum ecosystem-members from underserved communities, unique circumstances, or developing areas to attend the largest annual gathering in the Ethereum ecosystem. Now in its second… Continue Reading →

Devcon Tickets: Wave 3 and beyond

各位, We are now fewer than 60 days away from Devcon, and we wanted to provide important updates and further details about how to obtain remaining Devcon tickets for everyone looking to join us in Osaka. First, save the date:… Continue Reading →

Devcon updates: Announcing Wave 2, a New Application window, and more!

各位, With well under three months to go until Devcon, we are moving at full speed toward Osaka! You’ll hear about first programming details and more in the coming days, and with ticket sales now underway, we thought it time… Continue Reading →

On Wave 1 and Devcon Ticketing

By now, we hope you’ve heard the news: In just two days, on July 17, 2019, the first wave of general Devcon tickets will go online at 6:00am PT / 9:00am ET / 3:00pm CEST / 10:00pm JST. Today, we… Continue Reading →

Geth v1.9.0

Six months distilled – After many months of silence, we’re proud to announce the v1.9.0 release of Go Ethereum! Although this release has been in the making for a lot longer than we anticipated, we’re confident there will be some… Continue Reading →


Interesting! I’ve thought before about using non-censorship of transactions as a soft validity condition for blocks, but my conclusion has generally been that it would lead to too much network instability if there’s disagreement about what txs have been published…. Continue Reading →

Doesn’t this mean that if a single validator is malicious they could delay the inclusion of any…

Doesn’t this mean that if a single validator is malicious they could delay the inclusion of any transaction for 40 blocks? (I don’t mean by going offline, I mean by censoring) Or am I not understanding correctly?

Thank you for engaging!

Thank you for engaging! > All of this would be impossible without the assumption of an honest majority. It’s not quite an honest majority assumption; proofs of custody protect against the particularly likely class of dishonest rational behavior that is… Continue Reading →

Solidity Storage Array Bugs

Solidity Storage Array Bug Announcement This blog post is about two bugs connected to storage arrays which are otherwise unrelated. Both have been present in the compiler for a long time and have only been discovered now even though a… Continue Reading →

EF-Supported Teams: Development Report

2019 Pt. 1 – Friends, Over the last year, developers and researchers supported by Ethereum Foundation have kept their heads down and continued to produce at a staggering pace. Their focus has remained on their work, and together we’re all… Continue Reading →

Devcon in Osaka: Applications now open!

Friends, The year is well underway, cherry blossoms have fallen, and Devcon is quickly approaching! As announced on-stage at Ethereal last month, Devcon will be returning to Asia in 2019. We hope that you’ll join us this October 8th-11th as… Continue Reading →

Ethereum Foundation Spring 2019 Update

Our plan for the next year – 1. Introduction Ethereum Community, Ethereum’s future is bright. Over the last 12 months the Ethereum community — a global collection of developers, entrepreneurs, researchers, and passionate users — has made tremendous progress. Every… Continue Reading →

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