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Florida City Officials Approve $600,000 Ransomware Payment of 65 Bitcoins

By CCN Markets: Hackers who paralyzed Florida’s Riviera Beach City’s IT infrastructure are about to laugh all the way to the bank. This is after the Riviera Beach City Council voted to authorize the city’s insurer to meet the ransom… Continue Reading →

This Man Left His Family Homeless After Going All-In on Bitcoin, but He Has No Regrets

Didi Taihuttu is most probably a multimillionaire, but he wants a decentralized life for himself and his family

2019’s Bitcoin Price Boom is Reawakening Hellish Crypto Scammers

By CCN Markets: Cryptocurrency evangelist and educator Andreas Antonopoulos has warned that the bull run the bitcoin price has been enjoying has revived fraudulent activities in the crypto space. Bitcoin price has tripled and scammers want to ride the wave… Continue Reading →

Facebook Is a Threat to Governments Not Crypto

The moment Facebook released the whitepaper for its planned Libra coin, social media was flooded with claims about Zuckerberg’s new drive to take over the cryptocurrency market, with some even calling it a Bitcoin killer. However, looking at the actual… Continue Reading →

Live Streaming Startup YouNow Files SEC Filing for Compliant Token Earning for App Users

n Live streaming startup YouNow, which created the decentralized video ecosystem Props, has filed a public offering with the U.S. SEC to allow users to compliantly earn tokensn

Japans Line Reportedly Close to Obtaining FSA License for Japanese Crypto Exchange

n LVC Corporation, the crypto- and blockchain-focused arm of Japanese messaging giant Line, is allegedly close to obtaining an FSA-issued crypto exchange operating licensen

Feel Lost When Finding Crypto Strategies One Trading Platform Wants to Change That

n A trading platform says it is helping crypto consumers make informed decisions by giving them access to thousands of portfolios and strategies SPONSOREDn

Facebook Has Not Applied for RBI Approval to Operate Libra in India Report

n Facebook has reportedly not applied for approval in India for operating its upcoming cryptocurrency Libra projectn

Goldman Sachs’ Dire Tech Stocks Warning Contradicts Its Own Data

By CCN Markets: Goldman Sachs issued a dire warning about U.S. tech stocks last weekend. Their valuation premiums are at historic highs. Add the potential threat of U.S. regulatory interventions, and Goldman sees a bear market ahead for tech. In… Continue Reading →

Ethereum Made Easy with Cloudflare’s Ethereum Gateway

In a blog post on June 19, 2019, Jonathan Hoyland described the launch of Cloudflare’s Ethereum Gateway. The service is provisioned similarly to the existing Cloudflare “Inter-Planetary File System” (IPFS) format wherein websites can be hosted without the need for… Continue Reading →

Dow on Steroids: Amped U.S. Stocks Open Sharply as Fed Prepares Rate Cut

By CCN Markets: The Dow and broader U.S. stock market surged on Thursday, as traders doubled down on their bets that the Federal Reserve will lower interest rates following next month’s policy meeting. Dow Extends Rally; S&P 500, Nasdaq Follow… Continue Reading →

Why Japan’s Biggest Messenger is Launching a Crypto Exchange For 80 Million Users

By CCN Markets: Line, the most widely utilized messaging application in Japan with more than 80 million users is set to receive approval from Japan’s Financial Services Agency as early as June to launch a crypto exchange, according to a… Continue Reading →

Dow Nears Record High but this Spooked $200 Billion Fund is Cashing Out

By CCN Markets: The Dow Jones closed in on record highs on Thursday, but for one billion dollar fund, this is the perfect time to lock in profits.  Pictet Wealth Management, which manages $222 billion, is cashing out of stocks at… Continue Reading →

Decorate Your Car Dashboard With Trim Kits You Can Buy With BCH

Cryptocurrencies are money and what better way to use them than spending a little on things that bring you satisfaction. You can now upgrade your car’s interior with trim parts you can buy with bitcoin cash. Cockpitdekor is a company… Continue Reading →

EOS Block Producer Purchases Domain for $30 Million

As part of its broader plans to make its decentralized social media platform Voice hugely successful, EOS block producer, has purchased the domain name from MicroStrategy for a whopping $30 million, according to a filing published by the… Continue Reading →

Crypto Investor Claims Federal Reserve Outlet is “Brazenly Bullish” For Bitcoin

On Wednesday, the Federal Reserve’s Jerome Powell was asked about his latest thoughts on Bitcoin (BTC), crypto assets, and Libra. True to his nature as an integral piece of traditional finance, the chairman of one of the world’s most powerful… Continue Reading →

Crypto Investor Claims Federal Reserve Decision is “Brazenly Bullish” For Bitcoin

On Wednesday, the Federal Reserve’s Jerome Powell was asked about his latest thoughts on Bitcoin (BTC), crypto assets, and Libra. True to his nature as an integral piece of traditional finance, the chairman of one of the world’s most powerful… Continue Reading →

Facebook Cryptocurrency Chief Says Libra Is Not a Threat to Bitcoin

By CCN Markets: Facebook confirmed that its new cryptocurrency Libra isn’t designed to kill or compete with bitcoin. David Marcus, the man leading Facebook’s crypto efforts, said Libra and bitcoin can co-exist with differing use cases and that’s he a… Continue Reading →

Facebook’s Entry into Cryptocurrency Could Make the Market Soar

Facebook Cryptocurrency In it’s effort for world dominance, Facebook, Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) is now going to add a new crypotcurrency, the Libra, to its company. This means that the social media giant is now officially looking to become a world bank… Continue Reading →

US Authorities Seek Extradition of Alleged Crypto Scammer

n The U.S. DoJ has revealed that a recently-arrested investments provider may stand trial in California for committing crypto-related fraud and money launderingn

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