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Crypto Could Be Used to Reward Chinese Soldiers, Local Military Newspaper Says

Chinese soldiers could start receving rewards in cryptocurrency, according to the country’s military mouthpiece

Tron CEO Justin Sun Teases "Huge" Secret Guest at Upcoming NiTROn Summit

Justin Sun keeps acting coy on Twitter by urging his followers to get the name of the special guest who will attend the niTron Summit 2020

Ethereum (ETH) Price Undergoes Bullish Consolidation, Says Prominent Crypto Trader

A crypto trader says that the Ethereum price is “looking primed” for future gains

EOS.IO Creator Breaks Silence After Network Collapse

After the recent EOS blockchain airdrop, the issue of a centralized network became really contentious. Today, made their voice heard.

Gold Price Experiences Slight Recovery as Trump Threatens to Escalate US-China Trade War

The price of gold climbs higher ahead of the much-anticipated Powell testimony

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis ? Reaching $8,900 Before Another Drop

Indicators are showing slight growth. Should we expect any resistance from sellers?

Bitcoin Getting Favored by Retirees in Australia Despite Volatility: Report

Australians in their mid-sixties are more and more often considering Bitcoin as a retirement investment, a recent report reveals

Bitcoin Price to Hit $250,000 Due to Lightning Network Use by 2023: Tim Draper

World-famous investor and Bitcoin bull Tim Draper explains what reasons will push Bitcoin price to $250,000 by 2023

EOS Price to Hit $4.19, If It Breaks Above $3.6, Technical Crypto Trader Believes

Technical analyst and trader shares a scenario through which the EOS price may rise and hit $4.2 soon

Bitcoin Price Is in for ‘Super Hyper Inflation’ Before It Hits $1 Mln, Crypto Analyst Marius Landman Says

Major Bitcoin and altcoin price forecaster, a contributor of CNBC, Marius Landman, claims that Bitcoin will soon enter big inflation before it soars to $1 mln

Bakkt Plans to Take on CME with Cash-Settled Bitcoin Futures

Bakkt plans to dip its toes into trading cash-settled Bitcoin futures that will be offered through Singapore-based ICE Clear

Brave Browser Enables BAT Rewards for iOS Users

iPhone users can finally earn BAT tokens for simply watching advertisements with Brave

Bitcoin Price Hits $10,000 on Obscure Cryptocurrency Exchange

The price of Bitcoin randomly surged to $10,000 on the FTX exchange

Company That Offers Free Bitcoin for Purchases on Alibaba Graces CNBC?s Top Startups List

Bitcoin startup has secured a stop among the 100 best startups with less than $50 mln in funding

Twitter’s CEO to Support Bitcoin in Africa

Jack Dorsey, Co-Founder and CEO of Twitter, is attending Bitcoin meetups in Sub-Saharan Africa to discuss the adoption of Bitcoin payments in Ghana and Nigeria.

Bitcoin Price Drop Is on the Cards, According to Market Analyst Jim Wyckoff

Bitcoin has returned on the bearish side after failing to rally to $9,000

XRP Price Prediction ? Facing Obstacles Ahead of Growth to $0.30

Is the selling period coming to an end for XRP holders?

China Rally 2.0: NEO, VeChain, Ontology Record Double-Digit Price Gains

NEO (NEO), VeChain (VET), and Ontology (ONT) keep surging while China is warming up to crypto

Tron Price ?Ready to Fly? as Justin Sun Gives Away 50 Mln TRX to SRs

The Tron Foundation gives away 50 mln TRX to the Super Representatives, while a crypto trader goes bullish on the TRX price

?Binance Phone?: HTC to Launch DLT Phone with Direct Link to Binance Chain/DEX

Binance teams up with the HTC giant to launch EXODUS 1 that supports the Binance DEX and Binance blockchain ? limited edition

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