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The number of transactions today are as high as January 18′ yet the fees never been any lower.

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Noob question but why is the Bitcoin handle promoting Bitcoin Cash? I feel like they’re confusing people on purpose

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Daily Discussion, February 07, 2019

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Jack Dorsey(Twitter CEO) on Stephan Livera’s bitcoin podcast on Saturday

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What do you think about?

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Bitcoin [BTC]: Lightning Network payments app charges no-fees for first $10,000 in transactions

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Electrum Targeted Phishing & Malware Warning

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Who would argue?)

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Crowdfunding Twitter Lightning Integration

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⚡️LND v0.5.2-beta has just been released! ⚡️

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Lightning LND v0.5.2-beta has been released!

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Another weekly all-time high for Bitcoin transactions in Venezuela. According to Coindance, 9,881 $BTC has been transacted by Venezuelans since the beginning of this year, which roughly translates to $33,704,091.

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When you think about it, Bitcoin going from $3,500 to $1,000,000 a lot less crazy than it getting to $3500 in the first place. Never underestimate Bitcoin.

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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey today on Bitcoin

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Walking into my house, amd almost stepped on this! Could it be a sign? …of what though?

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Grandma Finds Bitcoin

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Twitter CEO hint Bitcoin Lightning payments are coming to Twitter

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RIP the owner of Bitcoin.

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back then when email was new – this is bitcoin right now

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If you think using bitcoin is difficult – here are some old instructions on how to send letters with a computer

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