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[Delist BCH ] Petition to delist BCH

More and more exchanges are delisting BITCOIN SV (BSV) , Same should happen for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) since its only causing confusion and its pretty much the same as BSV , submitted by /u/Cubuss [link] [comments]

3 Countries Tell IMF They Want To Issue Bitcoin Bonds

submitted by /u/coinsquare [link] [comments]

When my friends and family tell be about how bitcoin is "illegal", I send them this pic and the Wikipedia link. Then… silence.

submitted by /u/simplelifestyle [link] [comments]

Ask for “Bitcoin” when you buy.

submitted by /u/TheCryptomath [link] [comments]

Haha the banks, what a meme

submitted by /u/amaron11 [link] [comments]

Privacy on Lightning!

submitted by /u/Eodguy149 [link] [comments]

Return of the Fud: "Jihadists in Syria turn to bitcoin to raise much-needed funds"

submitted by /u/segovius [link] [comments]

Sweden’s ruling party account gets hacked… Bitcoin is now official currency!

submitted by /u/carloscancab [link] [comments]

Stickied r/bitcoin threads

submitted by /u/belcher_ [link] [comments]

Bitcoin price animation/visualisation on linear chart submitted by /u/_db79 [link] [comments]

Argentina, Colombia, and Kazakhstan just reached the All-time highs for their weekly Bitcoin volume on LocalBitcoins

submitted by /u/EffigyBoy [link] [comments]

Do you think Satoshi Nakamoto was inspired by the work of Friedrich A. von Hayek?

I'm specifically referring to his book called "Denationalisation of Money" in which he compellinging argues that private institutions would be better incentivised to run their own cross-border currencies (concurrent currencies). It was initially published in 1970. "How, then to acheive… Continue Reading →

Microsoft Azure adds RSK’s Bitcoin Smart Contracts to its cloud offering

submitted by /u/cryptoninjas [link] [comments]

Daily Discussion, April 17, 2019

Please utilize this sticky thread for all general Bitcoin discussions! If you see posts on the front page or /r/Bitcoin/new which are better suited for this daily discussion thread, please help out by directing the OP to this thread instead…. Continue Reading →

Bitcoin explained to 25M subscribers on a Brightside video

submitted by /u/bitbetta [link] [comments]

Brazil Trades a Record 100,000 Bitcoin in 24 Hours –

submitted by /u/2jgilpulg2 [link] [comments]

Global debt has skyrocketed from $84 trillion to $250 trillion. (2008 – 2019) Debt in China has blasted from $7 trillion in 2008 to $40 trillion in 2018… this outstanding debt will come to haunt fiat currencies! Got bitcoin?

submitted by /u/NirpUmbrella [link] [comments]

⚡️Announcing lnd v0.6-beta! ⚡️

submitted by /u/roasbeef [link] [comments]

The people have spoken. Kraken is delisting BitcoinSV

submitted by /u/bitme123 [link] [comments]

The fraud continues – Craig Wright just purposely submitted a provably fake email into evidence in the Kleiman-Wright case

Craig Wright's fraud continues. Yesterday, he submitted into evidence an email he says was from Dave Kleiman to Uyen Nguyen asking her to be a director of his 'bitcoin company' in late 2012. It is provably fake. Craig didn't realize… Continue Reading →

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