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This is exactly who I am…

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Spotted a true believer

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Dr. Ben Goertzel explains Blockchain to Joe Rogan

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Which one of you is in France?

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Have A Merry REKT-Ma’s!

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Receive Lightning Network Payments in your web with just one button

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Leaked Bitmain Q3 results: $740m LOSS!

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BTC is anti-authoritarian. BTC is dissent against a broken system. BTC is the most DIY thing I can possibly think of. BTC is fucking punk.

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Just a reminder.

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Bitcoin Magazine wants to "make bitcoin fun again"

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Bitcoin (BTC) Has Died 328 Times to Date and Counting

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My entire family feels compelled to send me every Bitcoin headline they read. I thought this was a good response.

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Market situation right now!

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@bisq_network major update. v 0.9.0 is out. DAO launched on testnet!

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Paris Protests See Support for Bitcoin Against Unchecked Money Printing

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On the 12th day of REKT-mas my cryptos gave to me

12 markets crashing 11 feds indicting 10 hacked smart contracts 9 forks of Bitcoin 8 lambo repos 7 bankrupt miners 6 useless tokens 5 exit scams 4 exchange hacks 3 rage quits 2 margin calls and a Bitcoin o-bit-u-a-ry … Continue Reading →

Daily Discussion, December 04, 2018

Please utilize this sticky thread for all general Bitcoin discussions! If you see posts on the front page or /r/Bitcoin/new which are better suited for this daily discussion thread, please help out by directing the OP to this thread instead…. Continue Reading →

Bitcoin Promotes Renewable Energy

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Congratulations on ONE Million Subscribers (12/2/2018, 9:06 PM EST)

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Video – Decentralized 2018 | Jameson Lopp, Infrastructure Engineer, CASA

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