Mining Pool Monitor for Dwarfpool

Unofficial monitoring application for checking your mining and statistics on Dwarfpool mining pools.


– last seen (date and time in minutes)
– current approx. speed
– workers number
– current balance
– already paid balance
– unconfirmed balance
– (confirmed but not count)
– Last 24 hours balance
– fee information
– shares chart
– your currency for day/week/month
– exchange info about currency
– changing accounts
– shares list with chart
– payments list with chart
– workers list with more details


– Ethereum ETH
– Expanse EXP
– Monero XMR
– Zcash ZEC

Known bugs

– confirmed but not on balance feature
– loading speed
– ZEC rates


Some features are not available yet. You can add one account for every of currencies. No emails require.
This version is without any warranty. Please let us know any problems, errors etc.