Mining Pool Monitor for Miningpoolhub

Unofficial application for checking your mining on Mining pool hub pools. Have overview on your cryptocoin mining rigs from mobile. Check your current hashrate, various payments, efficiency, workers list and other useful information of your mining.

Application shows statistics of your account on selected pool. Just insert your respective address/wallet and choose right pool. Autoexchange support.


– Multipools monitoring
– Current hashrate
– Share rate
– Share difficulty (for some coins could be delayed)
– Workers list
– Unpaid, immature and total balance
– Shares info (valid, invalid)
– Your efficiency
– Chart of your mining success
– Pool information
– Network information
– Estimated earning (pre-calculation)
– Coin price
– Last payouts including fees

Supported pools

We are testing this Mining Pool Hub monitor for these pools. We will add any other from miningpoolhub(com), just contact us.

– Adzcoin pool (ADZ)
– Bitcoin pool (BTC)
– Dash pool (DASH)
– Ethereum pool (ETH)
– Ethereum Classic pool (ETC)
– Expanse pool (EXP)
– Feathercoin pool (FTC)
– Gamecredits pool (GAME)
– Globalboosty pool (BSTY)
– Groestlcoin pool (GRS)
– Litecoin pool (LTC)
– Maxcoin pool (MAX)
– Monero pool (XMR)
– Musicoin pool (MUSIC)
– Sexcoin pool (SXC)
– Siacoin pool (SC)
– Startcoin pool (START)
– Vertcoin pool (VTC)
– Zcash pool (ZEC)
– Zclassic pool (ZCL)