Today, the mobile game industry is being overruled by enterprises like Google Play Store or Apple App Store. But now there is someone who wants to challenge this monopoly. Otto Von Nostitz is the president and co-founder of Xhai Studios, and he is convinced he can break up with the enterprise’s domain and completely disrupt the way we consume and pay for apps and in-game content, by providing an ingenious alternative.

Otto created a new distribution platform called Xarcade which allows game and apps developers and publishers to gather bigger profits. According to Otto, Google and Apple take as much as 30 percent cut of the sales price while Xarcade only takes one to two percent, which grants a bigger share of the total yield to developers and publishers.   

Von Nostitz stated:

“Gamers will also be able to make in-game purchases and be able to convert game points (tokens) into Xarcade’s credits called, XAR.”

Otto is also introducing something innovative to the payment method for the games. Contrary to Google Play Store and Apple App Store it does not require credit or debit cards or telco billings for purchases made. Instead, all transactions on Xarcade are done using XAR points which can be exchanged with an altcoin – XEM, which is backed by the NEM Foundation. This means that all transactions will be recorded using the blockchain technology where the authenticity of each transaction is authenticated by digital signatures, and at the same time, each transaction is checked against each other on the network. Much like most app stores, Xarcade will allow its users to view and download games on the platform with additional features from the integration of blockchain technology, such as purchasing and exchanging in-game tokens.

Von Nostitz says:

“Blockchaining games provides the advantage of bypassing the middlemen (app stores) to create a direct relationship with the game publisher and gamer.”

According to Von Nostitz XEM can be converted into real money. Von Nostitz said that Xhai Studios’ adoption of XEM would open it up to more cryptocurrency users, whom he believes a large majority are avid gamers as well. XEM can be purchased using your PayPal account or from exchanges such as Bittrex or Poloniex.

Xhai Studios has also developed an Android game called ‘Send ‘em to Hell,’ which is a modified version of the classic endless runner game genre commonly found on mobile. The game can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. Users can also link the game to the NEM Wallet app (also available on Android) to manage their in-game purchases with XEM.

The startup is based in Cyberjaya and currently has only four full-time employees working on the development of the platform; however, it is already planning the development of two more games. According to Otto Xarcade is still in development and will be fully operational by the fourth quarter of 2017.

By introducing a completely new payment system and an auditing system backed by the power of the blockchain Xarcade will present a great alternative and a strong competitor to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store hegemony.

Source and More information: Blockchain Technology is Transforming the Indie Game Industry