Also, everyone is crying "but BTC cant be a currency its too volatile" so why don't we make a plugin for payments where the price of a product is defined in USD and it's BTC price keeps floating? As soon as I make a purchase the payment platform sells the BTC and send USD to the merchant. If the merchant wants BTC he can select that option ("do not convert BTC to USD") on his platform configuration.

So we have lightning fast transactions and a payment system that ignores volatility. Now we need a Charlie Lee to come over and code the shit out of that. Any Charlie Lee's around here? Where the fuck is Mr. Nakamoto when we need him the most?

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Source and link to Reddit topic: I hope all the noobs and week hands are gone by now so we can talk about the tech instead of prices. Lightning Network is almost here and I dig Litpay. We should develop something similar.