Okay so I'm gonna try to keep it short.

I'm all pro bitcoin and about holding it and waiting for the price to go up. But can we please stop promoting that as if that's what the purpose of BTC is. Bitcoin was made to be a currency and to be used as a currency not some get rich quick scheme, not something you never use.

I get the logic of, "Hey it dropped back to 6K I'd rather wait until 8K and then use it" but the only logic seems to be,"Hey let's hodl until the world ends"

If bitcoin isn't used then it's not gonna go anywhere, it's not going to gain any value because what the value in it? It's not a collectors item.

I get a lot of people missed out on it when it was under a penny, when it was a couple bucks, a couple hubdred, even a thousand. But even if you have $500 in btc right now and it jumps up to 60K in the next 10 years you will have 5K. Yeah it's money, a good return but YOU WON'T BE A MILLIONAIRE.

Please stop spreading this nonsense around and let's all start trying to get people to use BTC in everyday lives. Talk to a local shop or business about the ease of use, the low transaction fees, and the control. Talk to others about USING it, not hoarding it waiting to make a million.

That's why the banks and other corporations are stepping in, that's why it's being treated like a stock/bond whatever, because no one is using the thing to buy stuff.

Keep some of your BTC in the long run for when it does hit 60K, 420K and so on, but actually use the currency too.

Thanks for the downvotes ahead of time

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