I have a policy of using <company>@<my domain> whenever I sign up for an online account, since <any address>@<my domain> comes to my email account. This lets me track who is selling my contact information because if I receive an email from <company A> which has <company B>@<my domain> as the email target, I know that <company B> has sold/informed <company A> about me.

This morning, I received an email from liteBit.eu. It was spam, of course, the 'your invoice' link was a link to some vet site, nothing to do with crypto at all. The interesting thing is:

  • That it was sent to bitmain@<my domain>, thus telling me who sold the address

  • Also, it had the first line of the delivery address that I sent my miners to.

I co-locate my miners, and no other company has ever been given the co-location address. This puts the ball firmly in Bitmain's park.

They are selling our contact details to spammers.

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