It is no secret, that certain well known members of the crypto community are really good of seemingly winning a discussion without really having the majority of facts or even the truth on their side.

These types of speakers are often characterised as 'passionate', but in reality they are aggressive or even hostile against their opponent. They bring forth a few facts to underline their point and spend a tremendous amount of energy to prevent the other party of formulating or speaking out a laid out chain of thought.

These are the most common strategies used in these types of discussions. Try to spot them and learn how to counter them.

1) The Gish Gallop

Basically just a Trojan Horse with arguments. The speaker presents a huge amount of arguments, some of them really good, but a lot of them just trash. They validate their trash with the good and make it impossible to refute the arguments by hiding them in the sheer mass of points made.

2) Sealioning

The strategy here is to hinder the speaking party to make their point by constantly asking for evidence or constantly repeating questions. It is basically a DDOS on the speaker.

3) Chewbacca defense [sic!]

Yes, it is really called that. It wasn't invented by South Park, but they coined the term. It is basically the strategy of confusing the listening party to lead them away from the real facts or arguments.

Go watch some videos from the Crypto Cruise with these strategy in mind. You will immediately spot some people using some or all of these techniques, intentionally or not.

I think it is no surprise that you can spot Rodger doing these all the time. Think about him what you want, but he IS a really hard person to discuss with. If you ever find yourself in such a discussion and you feel under pressure from the counter party, there are a few rules to force a discussion into a more civilised way.

1) Silence hurts but is good

If you need time to think, take time to think. Speaking fast makes it hard to follow you as a listener and even harder to think about your arguments. Silence hurts you the most. But the time you are not speaking and thinking seems longer in your head than it really is. So just take the time to think about what you want to say, it's worth it.

2) Stand your ground

As a general rule: NEVER answer binary questions with a binary answer. Questions like "Would you agree that…" are primed to force you into a position. Never agree or disagree. Always begin your answer with a statement about your position, something like "I think that…". That makes it hard to put words in your mouth.

3) Walk away when necessary

When you feel yourself under pressure voice your concern and walk away when necessary. It is perfectly fine to take the high ground and claim your need to take time to formulate your thoughts and your desire not to be interrupted. And if the counter party keeps doing that, walk a way with the argument that you had hoped for a more civilised, formal discussion. No shame in that.

What are your tips for a good discussion?

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