I am giving away 2 Pairs of tickets (2 sets of 2 tickets) to the Blockchain Festival in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City May 24-25. To take part int eh Blockchain Festival Ticket Giveaway just leave your Huobi UID in the comments and click on this link: http://bit.ly/2HGWw3x

Blockchain Festival Vietnam is setting up to be a great showcase of blockchain expertise and experience. VIP Keynote Speakers now include Jeffrey Wernick (Venture Capitalist), Loi Luu (Founder of Kyber Network), and Dr. David Nguyen (President of Vietnam Chamber of Commerce Singapore). Other Keynote Speakers at the Blockchain Festival in Vietnam include: Val Yap (Founder and CEO of PolicyPal Network, Forbes 30 under 30), Owen Tao (CEO of MATRIX), Selina Lin (Chairman and CEO of DRC), Emily Lee (Co-founder of Blockgame, core member of Topchain), James Ahn (CRO of EdenChain, Roy Li (CEO of RuffChain), and a slew of other speakers and Huobi representatives.

Jeffrey Wernick is one of the most exciting speakers at the conference. Wernick has 40 years of investing experience under his belt, including investments in Uber and Airbnb. He started his trading career trading options and futures on the CBOC, CBOT, and the CME while still attending the university of Chicago. He pursued his interest in finance, working at Salomon Brothers and then the National Bank of Detroit in senior positions before running his own company AVI Portfolio Services Company which was a technology-focused venture capital firm and hedge fund designed to assist distressed and bankrupt companies. Bitcoin grabbed his attention in 2009 and he has since turned his attention to the blockchain industry and was a major private angel investor in Qtum.

“I meet with many people in the blockchain and cryptocurrency community, and what impressed me about Qtum is the people and their pursuit of intellectual integrity,” shared Wernick. “Qtum is committed to decentralization, and their approach to blockchain is more constructive and adaptive than anything else I’ve seen. Qtum is committed to open source where greater privacy is preserved, and greater benefits accrue to everyone participating in the ecosystem.” – Jeffrey Wernick

Loi Luu is the Founder and CEO of Kyber Network, a decentralized exchange for cryptocurrencies. Loi Luu studied at the National University of Singapore where he received a PhD for his research on cryptocurrencies, smart contract security and distributed consensus algorithms. Luu is an Ethereum believer and advocate which is why he decided to start the Kyber Network on the Ethereum Blockchain. He has created Oyenete, the first open-source security analyser for Ethereum smart contracts and cofounded SmartPool which is an open source project embracing the decentralization of mining pools in cryptocurrency.

“Kyber is built on the ETH platform all transactions are recorded on chain, which means all transactions are on-chain, immutable and final. As Kyber is decentralized, to use the network all that is needed is an Ethereum wallet, no signup, no passwords and no KYC, just send and receive your desired tokens. Being built as a smart contract, this also means that Kyber does not hold any of users’ or reserves’ tokens and as such ownership of the tokens is completely awarded to the user. By design, there is no need for the exchange to hold a large number of tokens in a hot wallet, unlike centralized exchanges. As such, the risk of an exchange-wide hack is absent and would cause no loss of user funds, which is a much desired proposition, considering that reports of hacking incidents at conventional exchanges are relatively common.” – Loi Luu

Dr. David Nguyen is the President of Vietnam Chamber of Commerce Singapore where he advises Vietnamese and international enterprises in regards to their business expansion, both domestically and internationally. David’s main focus in blockchain technology is as an advisor to ICO’s and is co-author along with Lui Loo of the book “Blockchain and Investment in ICOs: The basics, the pathway to financial freedom”.