How To Mine KOMODO with AMD & NVidia GPU using EWBF’s 0.2.0b CUDA Nvidia Miner, Optiminer 1.6.1 AMD Miner, and Claymore ZCash AMD GPU 11.1 Miner in Windows. You can also use these miners in Linux (See download links below).

Komodo Summary:
Komodo aims at being the new standard for cryptocurrency security and anonymity. Protected by Zcash Zero Knowledge proofs users can make 100% untraceable transactions that are secured by Bitcoin‘s Petahash Proof of Work, due to Komodo’s new delayed Proof of Work consensus mechanism.

Z-Cash Anonymous Transactions: Komodo will allow users to choose between two transaction types: Normal and Anonymous. Anonymous transactions will be encrypted on the blockchain with zero knowledge proofs. No one can find out who sent a transaction, the value of the transaction, or to whom it was sent to. The transaction metadata is encrypted and zero-knowledge proof construction called a zk-SNARK is used to prove that no double-spending is taking place

Delayed Proof of Work: Komodo uses a delayed Proof of Work consensus mechanism that allows it to export information into the Bitcoin Blockchain through custom transactions. By notarizing Komodo blocks in the Bitcoin blockchain, Komodo mitigates all attack vectors

Bitshares Witness style consensus: Witness based notary nodes are responsible for notarizing the Komodo blocks on the Bitcoin blockchain. The notary nodes are chosen via voting mechanism, and they are rewarded with the majority of the block reward and transaction fees.

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EWBF’s Cuda Nvidia GPU Miner:
Windows x64:!usQh2bTa!3qp_PaiO-dw3F0mpvLXynA
Linux x64:!aop0BLaR!qQUGG6C2ZhE2zAC0XAlMSw

Optimer 1.6.1 AMD GPU Miner (Windows and Linux):

Claymore ZCash AMD GPU 11.1 Miner:

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