Dentacoin Presale List - More Than 2K Individuals Declared Their Interest

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With the upcoming Exclusive Hard-Capped Token Presale on July 1st, it seems like the crypto community is highly interested in this new Ethereum-based token, designed to serve the global dental industry.

The mission of Dentacoin Foundation – to improve dental care worldwide – attracts many investors from the crypto world, as well as the dental industry.

What could be the reasons behind this interest?

Dentacoin has the potential to become one of the leading 18 currencies in the world within the next decade. These calculations are all part of the concept of Dentacoin, which has involved over 120 people since 2014. A solid team of dentistry specialists, industry changemakers, marketers, macroeconomists, analysts and Blockchain developers have put their knowledge together to bring Dentacoin to the public eye.

The future of Dentacoin seems highly promising, as many have claimed before.

Do we join this rocket to the moon, or do we watch it depart is a personal choice each one of us has to make? Anyone can join the Dentacoin Presale List here: and receive all details for the upcoming Presale on July 1st.

In a recent article published a few days ago Dentacoins explains why they have premined 8 trillion coins – a number which seems huge to some, but very rational and precisely calculated during the concept creation phrase. Around 40% of all Dentacoins are reserved for EARNING (through tools and value-generating activities, contributing to the improvement of the dental industry), 40% are reserved for BUYING (which includes the upcoming Presale on July 1st, as well as all ICOs and crowdfunding activities for the future) and the other 20% are to be utilized by the Dentacoin Foundation for development of tools, marketing activities, bounty programs, future projects and unpredicted expenses. All unsold coins (if any!), will be bought back by the Foundation and locked for different time periods. No details around this procedure have been officially announced by the developers, but it seems like Dentacoin Foundation plans to promote Dentacoin token as a long term saving, ensuring the value of the coin for investors.

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