if you have to make it a matter of convenience and talk about diversifying portfolio

you dont get bitcoin

you still think modern finance chodery

bitcoin isnt an investment

its a way to get out

because investment predicates going back into the fiat matrix

all assets are denominated in fiat, so NOTHING escapes inflation

everything gets inflated

2008 – precovid: inflation of financial asset bubbles from shoving currency into wall street (bailout)

covid post – actual currency shoved into real people inflation (bailout)

bonds are massively inflated due to the financial bailout (quantitative easing)

stocks are just one big corporate buyback (quantitative easing)

gold is hopelessly manipulated through the futures market (look up gata.org)

the compulsive cancerous need for growth that permeats the cultural psyche (GDP MUST GROW, ALL HAIL GDP) has COMPLETELY gaslight and manipulated the average person into prioritizing the wrong thing. growing your wealth (which is stored in currency, not even money), instead of protecting it

Money vs Currency

Currency can be pokemon cards, toilet paper, or fiat currency. it just needs to serve as medium of exchange, and be a tolerable medium of account. Storing wealth isnt the priority in a currency, but an ideal currency stores wealth, and appreciates it due to the scarcity of the currency.

Money is scarce, while currency isnt necessarily. Scarcity, enforced by proof of work, is tied todeep biological rootsof humanity, that these arrogant economic bureaucrats would scoff at. Scarcity gives money value period full stop.

The great switcheroo of our time, is governments convincing citizens to trade in their money, and other quasi forms of money like hard assets (metals, real estate etc) and accept currency instead: with no possibility of regaining that money. you are now trapped in the system, congrats!

Even better, this is done at little cost (the cost of issuing loans really), so you are trading real stuff tokens that have value only through the force of the law, leveraging people's learned fear of authority in the old fashioned education system

it all flows beautifully, even when diabolically

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