If you post anything on the crypto related forums indicating that you are new, you will get dm's from people wanting to "help" you out. These are off course scams. And if you have ANY doubt if it maybe a scam but you are not sure…. its a scam!

Some returning stories;

I have a site that gives (xx) percent on all your coins!

I am (or have a friend) that manages crypto let me help you out!

Click this link to go to my broker site I own I can give you a discount!

They always ask for your WhatsApp (aka your phone number!) Never give your number or adress or any personal information to ANYONE who dm's you as a base rule.

I'm sure this info is hidden away in a sticky somewhere but I have to deal with this so much and there are a lot of new people coming so I just had to speak up for a bit. Friendly greetings and watch out.

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