Yes, pardon the strangely titled thread. I believe more in the fundamentals of bitcoin than any other cryptocurrency on the planet.

The "meta shift" I have seen over the past 7 months bothers me. Nobody wants to talk about bitcoin. Nobody wants to discuss mass adoption of bitcoin. Nobody wants to talk about liberating the Lebanese freelance artist or the Iranian just trying to buy games on steam or the village in rural Kenya that is located a 3-hour-walk away from the closest bank. Nobody wants to talk about DLCs and smart contracts on bitcoin or the best non-custodial lightning network wallets. No one is talking about taproot.

No one is talking about how the creator of bitcoin never sold his coins. People are forgetting the first cryptocurrency that was ever created. People are forgetting metcalfes law.

What I find ultimately more disturbing is that during the 2018-2020 bear market more people were talking about / cared to talk about bitcoin than altcoins. It just feels like a hivemind of "pump my bags" and little more.

This is just a slight rant. It's like everyone there delusionally believes that an altcoin will surpass bitcoin and become the standard. If there is going to be another bear market, I welcome it. Just so we can go back to talking about bitcoin and lightning and the technology aspects of it all.

EDIT: I strongly feel as though the majority of the new users that we have accumulated since this bull run began are coming from /r/wallstreetbets and /r/dogecoin. The sad part is, these people are throwing out fundamentals like "market caps" and just following all the Elon tweets or they got pulled in because they realized that robinhood can shut down stock trading whenever they want but there could be no such level of consensus among all centralized and decentralized exchanges.

EDIT 2: "superior technology" showed up in 2017 in a slew of different flavors and not a single altcoin actually surpassed bitcoin.

EDIT 3: I see that there is a cross post of this thread to the cc subreddit. To further refine my claims to the belief that no crypto will surpass bitcoin, I responded to a comment someone else here made with the following: All of these questions summarize "Why bitcoin is the next bitcoin.'"

Which coin is the "next bitcoin?" or in other words, the one coin that will replace bitcoin? Why is it that coin and not bitcoin? And how do you convince all of the banks and the traditional financial system to switch to that coin and not use bitcoin? Why would they switch to that coin and not use bitcoin? Why not use both? Is there a reason not to use both? This is why there will be no "next bitcoin" or a coin that replaces bitcoin.

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