In 2007 as stocks formed their final peak before crashing during the 2008 global financial crisis everything fell alongside stocks. Even gold tanked and for six long months kept declining alongside stocks.

But then a decoupling happened, after the inital panic where everything got caught up in a global sell off gold reversed and proceeded to rally very strongly for the next 4 years while stocks kept falling. After the initial 6 months of confused panic people woke up and started searching for a safe haven.

Today we are already in a recession but people just dont realise it yet. Stocks have been falling since November last year, some individual stocks down 60%+, the nasdaq down 30% and the S&P500 just today confirming a bear market by falling more than 20%. And just like 2008 gold has been selling off alongside stocks. This time however so too has bitcoin, which just like stocks has been falling since November last year.

History is repeating.

Over the coming months all economic indicators are going to confirm that the world is in a global recession that started in November last year, and everyone will wake up. They will realise whats going on and start looking for a safe haven. Thats when gold and bitcoin will reverse and enter a strong bull market rally over the next few years while stocks keep falling and indexes languish down 70%+ from their November 2021 highs.

Gold may double or triple in price seeing its market cap rise from $10T to $20T or even $30T. But bitcoin is starting from a much lower $500B market cap and as banks start failing and inflation runs hotter than expected btc will race to equal golds market cap if not exceed it.

At a bitcoin market cap of $30T one bitcoin will be worth $1.5 million dollars.

I expect to see gold and bitcoin both decouple from the declining stock market over the next couple of months as a recession is officially confirmed, both beginning a multi-year bull market rally that may last until 2025 taking gold to $5000 per ounce and bitcoin above $1 million.

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