Bitstamp BLOCKED my account because I'm from Russia!?

Sorry if I posted in the wrong section, but I don't know where else to post. I already wrote in the Bitstamp thread, but the post was blocked without comments.

So 2 weeks ago I saw that my account is blocked, they don't let me trade and also withdraw my funds. I wrote to their support and here is their reply – " in the light of the current events in Ukraine and the consequent regulatory directives, we’ve been required to disable your account’s deposit, trading and withdrawal options"

I asked for an official notice that all Russian citizens should be blocked, without the possibility of withdrawal.

I am a simple person, not connected in any way and not supporting the war in Ukraine. I created an account in 2019, verified it, confirmed the legal origin of the funds.

And now the exchange just wants to appropriate my money, referring to what is happening in Ukraine.

u/BitStampOfficial I ask you to provide legal notice on what basis you completely blocked my account, as well as many other accounts from Russia.

Why is no other exchange taking measures like yours?? Two weeks later, your support team cannot give me an answer, but is just playing for time. TICKET #BIT-1438832

I really hope that you are mistaken and the reliability of the oldest European stock exchange is beyond doubt.

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