i own a Brunch business in Europe, for people who arent familiar with it, its a breakfast and lunch shop.

Its quite popular and always busy, had some customers who had Hw wallets stickers on their laptops and even a trader, but the majority are in the range of 20-40s seem to be regular people.

Any users from here ussualy go to Brunch spots?

And if so would you be willing to pay in Bitcoin?

Need feeback and more opinions about this.

The spot has a great menu, good food and specialty coffee, and i believe it would be a good option to get paid in Btc.

But still need more feedback about this, if there are any business owners who are acepting Btc and how its going for them, because bank taxes are getting out of hand here.

Also what would be the best option to do this, using btcpay and an android pos system?

Thanks all!

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