Almost everyone who has done at least 210 hours of research about Bitcoin doesn't care for the BTC price in fiat. I'm here since 2019 and can tell you: Higher prices just make it more difficult to accumulate more BTC.

If you are scared by the falling prices right now instead of happy, you shouldn't have invested this much money in the first place. Like A. Antonopolous said: "Only invest as much money in Bitcoin as your knowledge about it in percent." (or something like that… #NoFinancialAdvice)

The Bitcoin Network right now is better than ever before: – exponential Lightning adoption – Taro Protocol/RGB – Web5 – increasingly better distribution of Bitcoins – positive regulations worldwide – hashrate all time highs – …

The only reason for the falling prices is, that there are too many people invested in Bitcoin that didn't do their research well enough.

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