A few hours ago, I received this text message:

"Coinbase: We have received withdrawal request on your account from unrecognized device. If this was not you, click here: [removed link from Reddit for safety]"

I was in the middle of a conversation and was completely not thinking. I clicked the link, everything looked legitimate, and I didn't receive any warning from Google or Safari. I entered my login information.

The next steps are blurry, but I then received an email with a link that I clicked, and then provided the 2FA code code from my phone. Like I said, I was totally distracted when going through this and provided all the info. Within minutes, the entirety of my BTC (the only crypto I held) worth about $8500 was sent off to an unknown account.

I am horribly upset and embarrassed. I'm posting here to see what my next steps should be. I have contacted Coinbase via email, really wish I could get someone on the phone. I intend to file a police report both locally and with FBI/FTC.

Is there anything I can do? I'm going to assume this money is gone and lost but I'm just looking for advice. Thank you.

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