I've been here for years, reading your posts, even though my friends are hardly around any more. I bought at $50 in 2011 on a long gone exchange, and immediately Bitcoin fell to $12. I felt stupid. So in defiance, I promised myself I wouldn't sell until it reached an impossibly high number. 1000x. But $50k came and I couldn't bear to sell. I love this journey too much. And I see now that my crazy goal was way too low. My vision for Bitcoin was too small. Now I need a 10000x return. When that day comes, I want this post here so I can rub it in the faces of the zero-coiners who were here in 2022 and who, even when offered Bitcoin at a huge discount, refused to buy in. You'll never buy. You don't have the vision or stamina to not only acquire Bitcoin, but to keep your Bitcoin. Go the fuck away. You make /r/bitcoin suck. But please come back the day Bitcoin kisses $500k. I'll have a message for you on that day.

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