Good bye Bitcoin savings gone for good

I completely messed up guys, my life savings are gone for good, I have learned a devastating hard lesson.

That's my story:

I strongly believe in Bitcoin becoming the world biggest store of value, it's not an IF anymore, is just a matter of WHEN.

During the last years me and my wife have put in Bitcoins everything we had and slowly managed to reach 1.7 BTC, our entire life savings, 10 years of grinding and accepting odd jobs trying to save every dollar possible and buying every BTC amount we could.

When BTC started recently raising from 30k to 40k I made the biggest mistake ever: trying to earn more than just HODLING (spoiler: it doesn't end well).

I started looking at YouTube videos explaining how to leverage, how to earn more, how to trade futures, etc.

In matter of hours my YouTube feed was completely flooded by videos of Michael Saylor, one of the world top CEOs betting hard on BTC by doubling and tripling down his BTC holdings and claiming it would easily go to a million each BTC, I was HOOKED.

For one time in this life I wanted to be a "hero" in my wife's eyes, I wanted to make a bold move and save her and us from a life of odd and low wages jobs, I saw an opportunity and I went for it without even knowing what I was doing.

I started future trades and managed to turn the 1.7 BTCs into 2.1 BTCs, the classic beginner luck.

I have put all ours 2.1 BTCs on a leveraged future for BTC going to 100k $ and I was already envisioning the 21 BTCs in profit. I saw this as a gateway to exit our mediocre life. It was our chance and I had to go for it. Of course she didn't know that and still doesn't know…

Of course it didn't play out, BTC went from touching 50k $ down to 47k $ and our whole life savings have been wiped out.

I still haven't say anything to my wife, she doesn't know that and this is killing me from the inside. I just don't know what to say to her, I'm simply devastated. I barely can watch myself in the mirror. These funds were supposed to be our small treasure, something that would have help us in the future.

Please follow my advice, don't trade guys, don't fall into these marketing traps like I did.

Just HODL, BTC is the best thing ever happened to humanity, just HODL and don't risk your beloved BTCs like I did.


EDIT: Thanks to everybody for the support, I truly appreciate your kind words.

EDIT 2: For everybody saying is fake, unfortunately is not. These are the screenshots of the trade being liquidated little by little until the balance is zero (or almost, there were 0.0011 BTC left, about 50 $).

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