Historic SHORT Squeeze

Bitfinex BTC shorts are, on fiat worth, all-time high rn, and we do have the liquidity to pump and squeeze it. Institutions could be planning this move right now, or maybe it's already in play, I don't know, but the next 3 days are gonna be WILD. For either side.


As the Bitfinex graph shows there are 22102.9349 BTC in shorts right now, roughly $828 million dollars, if it starts getting squeezed we'll see a MASSIVE pump, which would have enough liquidity for those institutions to do whatever they want, take profit, or maybe drive BTC to its new ATH, taking the asset completely out of the woods, which would be fantastic for public institutions holding it, such as Tesla and Microstrategy. The shorts were placed at regular intervals, so if we get to liquidate the first wave, we'll surely destroy the whole market maker's fund.

Also, we are exactly at the price Tesla acquired $1.5 billion dollars worth of BTC, going down below it would take TSLA down, so, knowing Elon, we can expect heavy resistance on technical points.

We didn't touch the previous trend low, so daily is still technically bullish.

Longs have almost always had more volume than shorts, you're not going counter the wave by shorting bitcoin, you're doing exactly the opposite.

The fact that this big short is on Bitfinex could also mean the fund owner is willingly trying to show it to retail since bitfinex's shorts are public on tradingview.

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