Back when I was young, around 2015. I got into bitcoin, it was amazing, exciting and brand new.

I immediately saw the utility and value going up, it was enough to make my young eyes glisten. However in my wisdom, I only saw a single use case at the time. I saw bitcoin as a currency, not something to be held and stored.

I found these 'dark web' stores where you could spend bitcoin and get stuff delivered!?! Amazing. I felt like I was in a thriller movie for a little bit of trees. During my time as a teen, I did this again, and again. I spent 29 bitcoin. At the time, this wasn't much, just my minimum wage job paying me enough to do something with it.

Here I am, 6 years later. Struggling financially, investing in crypto and just wishing I had held it. $1.6 million USD, what a life changing amount.

I dont know why I am posting this, but if I could say one thing to each and every one of you it would be to hold. Just hold, don't regret it years later like me.

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