7 years ago, I posted a reply to a comment about bitcoin in this thread: Right Here, a user tipped me 25cents (USD) in BTC as a result of my comment. I went through the effort to collect the BTC and put it in a wallet and promptly forgot all about it. Today I was talking to my brother about BTC and remembered that interaction and went on a little quest to find my forgotten fraction of a BTC. After some digging in my email, I found my wallet stored on Blockchain.com and my .25c is now worth $96! So I appologize for my comments back then calling bitcoin black magic and comparing it to a pyramid scheme. I have many regrets over this. Had I been smart enough to invest just $500 at that time, I'd have over $190,000 today – that's an incredible return in just 8 years. So anyway, that's all I came here to say. Carry on. Oh, for some reason the person who tipped me the .25c is suspended so I can't thank them directly. /u/_________lol________ if you're out there – Thanks man!

*EDIT: WOW! Y'all I did not expect this kind of reaction! I don't know what all these awards are, or what satoshis are but please don't use any money on rewarding me, please give to a charity or invest it back in yourself! Thanks to all! I have learned a lot in just 24 hours and have put $1,000 into BTC so I can join you on this ride!

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