I've pulled the trigger, after thinking over it for a few weeks.

I'm a software engineer who has spent the last 6 months developing payment processing services for Bitcoin and other crypto assets. I've had the pleasure of exploring and learning about how blockchain works, how transactions work, and its security at a deep level. Most importantly I've learned about just how much utility Bitcoin has to offer.

As I hear about more services, companies, and now countries are adopting Bitcoin, it's very clear that it's here to stay. But most importantly it's already started to begin reaching the "soccer mom" audience. People "use" Bitcoin, not just as an investment, or a get rich quick scheme. They use it to barter, pay bills, trade, and as a means of exchange for goods and services.

I don't just see Bitcoin as a chart in an app. I don't see Bitcoin as something you buy with USD. I see Bitcoin as Bitcoin. It's a currency in its own right, with value dictinct from USD and others. And given a decade, or two. I see it as the global currency for the future of all transactions.

Thanks for hearing my points.

Edit: A notice to those saying I'm making a mistake. I have no debt and if this money were to vanish tomorrow I'd be sad, but by no means will I lose my house, go hungry, lose medical coverage, or anything like that. I believe in Bitcoin as a primary currency and store of value, and want to hold my savings in Bitcoin.

Additionally, the US has a currency (USD), Japan has a currency (JPY), Canada has a currency (CAD), yet it's far fetched to believe the internet can't have a currency (BTC)? Bitcoin is a currency in my world view, not just an asset. If you don't agree, then wish me ill will and move on.

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