It's a silent project that operates in the background. There's no face to it. The founders created it and walked away. It's like an elegant clock set into motion that continues to tick. There's no promise of some complex protocol to come 3, 5, or 10 years down the road. It does what it's supposed to now without self promotion from the founders. Since it doesn't need self promotion to thrive, it doesn't fall victim to the vices of marketing from greedy, charismatic leaders, with overly complex projects. Sure, there's Saylor and Novogratz that sometimes fall into that role. But bitcoin doesn't need them to survive and won't need them when they die. The project works now. It does what it's supposed to and it'll continue to do what it's supposed to. It's the money of the future of our science fiction novels.

There's no Krypto Kris marketing shitty debit cards. There's no charismatic Do Kwon doing a Forbes, Steve Jobs photo shoot with a black t-shirt and a white background. There's no J Powell magically expanding the money supply with a cobol fueled wand, creating a 9 trillion USD balance sheet out of thin air.

BTC takes out the corruption of humans, because the humans that created it stepped away. Sure, people will build corrupt systems around it, but BTC itself is a simple, pure, and elegant vehicle silently ticking away in the background until the ticking becomes so loud that no one can ignore it.

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