I have been doing a lot of reflection about my stance towards the bitcoin price. I realised that me cheering for the price to go up is actually counterproductive to my goals.

Once you have been sufficiently orange pilled and put in your 100+ hours, you realise it's not about short term gains, but stacking as many sats as humanly possible.

Once all of this comes together your time horizon switches from months to years to decades.

So if your plan is to accumulate as much BTC as possible, isn't short term growth in the price a bad thing? While it's a good thing for the network and adoption, it's counterproductive to you stacking sats.

The one thing keeping me up at night is knowing I can't buy more BTC at a low price. I pray for a 1-2 year bear market where I can silently build up my stack. I'd rather DCA at 15-30k than at 60-100k.

I know a lot of people have already figured this out, but I think maybe some haven't, given the obsession over the day to day price on reddit and news articles.

Conclusion: If you're truly long term on the Bitcoin technology and macroeconomic potential, a long drawn out bear market is a gift.

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