I'm happy /r/bitcoin has reached over 3 million users. However the majority of these users are either here for the wrong reasons or haven't done their research or both.

The most exciting developments in Bitcoin can barely crack 100 upvotes. The list of amazing things that barely see the light of day around here is huge: Lightning Network,Taproot/Schnorr, RGB, CoinSwap, Bitcoin Conference, the #21 Indy 500 Bitcoin car, worldwide Bitcoin charity work, MARA not signalling.. The list goes on.

The things that get attention around here make me want jump out a two story window. Every other post is about our least favorite billionaire. Claims that Bitcoin's stability is somehow connected to its price get hundreds of upvotes (like we aren't still way beyond our previous all time high). I'm ashamed to admit my most upvoted post here is a tweet from Elon back when this place wasn't yet flooded with it.

I saw a post about the M1/M2 money supply chalked full of misinformation get over 800 upvotes. No, they did not stop reporting it. No, the M1 does contain savings deposits. No, you did not do your research.

How many people here do you think have setup a full node? My guess is a tiny fraction. That means the majority of redditors are non-contributing members of the Bitcoin network. Yet they feel the need to vomit their uneducated opinions all over this place with zero hubris. I'm covered in fucking puke.

Just to clarify, I understand this place is a meme factory and I will always upvote a solid meme. I think a great meme deserves it's place at the top of the pile.

Can't wait for the bear market so all you fuck bois disappear and let us talk about the technology in peace.

EDIT: I'm not knocking people who are here to learn. I'm knocking those who spam us before making the effort to learn.

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