It still feels so surreal to me. What do they care what I do with my money?

Obviously the clerk couldn't tell me what would happen, if I kept using my bank account to shop on Binance. I also assume someone higher up the chain saw the danger DeFi poses for the banking system.

Honestly, fuck 'em. I'm still so irritated by the call, but it proves once again why we need Bitcoin. Sunk the rest of my fiat into Crypto right after the call ended.

Anyone else with similar experience? I'm from Europe, btw.

Edit: Thought I'd do everyone a favor:

You can check how crypto friendly your bank is by accessing

Please stay safe and don't click any links in the comments. Also, for privacy reasons, I won't name my bank, since that would narrow it down drastically.

As usual, this community is amazing! Great to be in so early and hodl with you!

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