Hey guys, i live in NC and have a NYS drivers license. long story short (can share if needed for relevancy) i can't switch my license to NC for a few months. even though i have an apt here in NC strike wont let me register because they only go off the state on your license, its screwing up my dca's.

ive been a big time believer in btc 2 years, but financially just getting in a spot where i can make decent size dcas. i lost $1200 on Voyager, i know dumb BUTTTTT i bought a cold wallet and am now realizing i dont have a way to buy it and store.

i could probably open a strike acct in my moms name (shes in NC) but i dont really know if that would open me up to any issues. id have to open in her name, and then link to a bank acct thats in my name for deposits, scared that this will somehow give me problems…. anyone willing to weigh in to help me?

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