I don't know if this is deserving as a stand alone post, but what the fuck, no one could have planned it better.

For those that don't know, Bitcoin block rate is currently running 1 per 20 mins, vs 10 mins, and is set for an extreme difficulty adjustment (to speed them up).

This will make miners more profitable, benefiting those who live in more free and equitable societies than China.

As miners become more profitable, they either sell less coin (put them on permanent hodl, as Michael Saylor suggests), or they expand ops. Either way, this generally is expected to lead to greater price stability.

Miners outside of China have been found to be using 56% renewable energy, per the report by Michael Saylor. As most countries favor new green energy alternatives, Bitcoin is set to continue expanding it's lead as the most green energy industry in the world, that's not exclusively focused on green energy.

Can anyone name a single industry that's more than 50% renewable? Outside of solar, wind, and geo farms etc.? I don't think so.

Even Tesla cars are dependent upon grid power, which in most parts of the world is less than 20% renewable, unless they come attached with a $50k solar / battery project (doubling the cost).

So all in all – on July 4th – more Bitcoins will be moved into the freer societies than was done in the past. More Bitcoins will be mined with more sustainable, less pollutant energy, than was done in the past. Bitcoin will excel as one of the greatest stimulants of computer technology and energy efficiency optimization, including expanded use of flair gas and volcano technology, optimizing energy output in remote locations and super energization, to maximize global efficiencies.

Super energization is a renewable issue, where one needs double the solar production vs coal, as solar must be stored, but coal is naturally 'batteried' and can be turned off / on with demand – all renewables require hyper production, to account for the lack of ability to adjust output with demand – necessitating massive battery production or sustainable storage, which is accomplished with Bitcoin.

So, while the market may be rocky – the start of the next cycle of Bitcoin is tops. Hold strong, and rotate assets from those that are peaking, to those that are robust.

The roots are deep, and Bitcoin is a mighty power.

Hodl strong.

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